Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lush review

This is my latest Lush haul :D 

I bought a package with products specially made ​​for dry and flaky scalps. 
Now I have been using it for 2-3 weeks. 

Happy Happy Joy is a balm with almond milk, jojoba and rose! It really smells like a rose, so fresh! Expecially the day after I have washed my hair. My hair also feels soft. Unfortunately, it is very very expensive for a tiny bottle. 

Superbalm is a cream that you rub into your scalp and then wash out. It feels like it has actually helped with the flakes and dryness, I have not as many and not so often these white dots lying everywhere in my hair ant longer. Smells very strong! If it continues to help me, I will stick to this product despite the high price. 

Soak and float shampoo bar made from tar is really something that helps with flaky scalp! My head doesn't itch that much, it might be the combination of tar and superbalm though. I'm happy either way :'D

And the little jar containing the skincream Dream Cream, it was supergood :D Lush is like experts on bodylotions.

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  1. Jag gillar också Lush produkter, shampokakorna är jättebra och de räcker länge så det kanske uppväger priset på superbalm :).
    Jag har samma problem med min hårbotten men det har blivit mycket bättre jag fick jättefett hår, mjäll och kliande hårbotten som till slut blev sårig och skorpig som faktiskt blev bättre av just lush shampokakor. Men nu var det längesedan jag använde dem men förbättringen är ändå bestående :)