Thursday, May 14, 2020

Quarantine life

Hello all who reads this! I hope everyone is okay in these weird times we are living in! I am well this far, the only thing that really sucks are not being able to hang out with my husbands grandparents, we must keep them safe <3 I am working as usual, but one thing that this quaratine lifemode made me realize is that I didn't have to change my lifestyle very much because I already spend most my time at home on my freetime anyway :P

I'm not so good updating here, from time to time I will but I'm very active on instagram if anyone would like to follow me there :)

Tuesday, December 31, 2019


2019 started in such a great way. I got my new job in the church, my anxiety felt way better and we felt just so good in our house. 

But already in February the first hit came. Kira was sick. Her kidneys are damaged and this often happens to older cats. So this year we have been to so many visits to the veterinary. And she hates that. But after she started eating a special sort of food for cats with her disease her tests are all better, she is happy and gained all the weight she had lost back <3

The spring arrived and suddenly my body decided to start a war against me. I had extreme pains that I hadn't felt for years. And in weird places in my stomach. I seeked help at the gynecologist because I thought the endometrios had gotten worse. But it looked the same. 
After many visits and talking to different doctors I finally got an appointment for my bowels. It was horrible with the preparations but I'm so glad I got to see it. It's not cancer or something other dangerous. Its just my IBS, and even though it's painful still, I feel better knowing it won't kill me. And I also got some pills that are helping me a lot to sleep at night, not waking up with cramps at five every morning. 

It's been a fun year too though. A wedding, we have had so many Dungeons and Dragon meetings with our friend and I'm proud over everything I still have managed to do even do I'm in pain most of the time! 

And my job <3 It's so great. My collagues and boss are so nice and understanding. I'm so lucky! 

Mattias sister got a little babyboy a few weeks ago and that's one of the greatest things this year of course :D It's kind of exiting how the family grows. 

And my friend Johanna. I honestly do not know how I would manage life without her anymore, haha! I found her add  on a blog in augusti 2018, she was looking for a friend to e-mail with. I don't even know why I was looking at the ads, I don't know why I responded since I'm such an introvert honestly? But since that day we have written to each other everyday about everything so it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. We are so alike but also very different. I hope that this is a friendship for life <3 

And last but not least, how did it go with my:

Wishes for 2019:
Plan ahead with food more so I don't have too cook every day (X) I definitely did this and I will continue! 
Create a garden with eatable stuff at our house (/) I tried but did not get very much to eat from it haha! Will not give up though. 
Always, try to worry less. It is really tiring to worry like I do over every small thing I can possibly find. I hope I can worry less in 2019 (X) Even though I still worry A LOT I think I have found a way to manage it better, so I still feel like I could say I deserve to put and X on this one. :) 


Feel better than in 2019 ( )

This is the only thing I can come to think of and I hope I can check this in a year. :)


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Time for an update

Wow it's been a few months. 
I think before I get in to any christmasentrys I will do this update from autumn.

I bought a tent for the cats! 

And a dress for myself :D

Halloween came!

I visited my sister and she bought this little fireplace, her home is so cozy!

I cut my hair and dyed it dark blue. 

I bought a dress again, hehe!

I did a colonoskopy (bowel examination) that didn't show anything worse even though all my pain this year. The doctor said that my IBS has gotten worse.

And finally! December is here, my favourite month! 

Monday, September 30, 2019

August and september

I sort of forgot about my blog, I still have some outfits left I think, but todays entry will be a mix with outfits and what I did the last two months.

We had crayfish party? (kräftskiva in swedish) with my husbands family. I ate one crayfish, it feels so weird to crack their bodies up. O.O

I went to a pride parade with two friends :D 

I turned 31 :D My hair was great and also my cake!

We went larping :D

I'm so ready for all the autumn and winter cozyness now! And also, look at that cute ghost I got for my birthday :D 

Friday, August 23, 2019

2 outfits

My husband and me on a friends weddin :D I bought the dress for the wedding but I'm sure that I will wear it a lot. 

A recent outfit with one of the best dresses <3 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Old but new

During this month when I go through all my dresses and skirts I found two dresses I love the print on but hated the style. 
So I remade them after the shape of on of my beloved dresses. It went great and I'm so happy with them now. :)