Sunday, July 14, 2019

6 outfits

Another week of outfits and we are still not through my entire closet, haha!

I love the print on the How to train your dragon dress but I don't feel comfortable in it because of the shape of it. So sad! I'm thinking if I could change it in some way. 

Bat-dress, a favourite. The purple is a second hand bargain that I'm really happy with :D 

Friday was a stay at home day so I thought that we also need a pyjamasoutfit here, haha!
I chose the black outfit (The skirt was in an earlier entry as well)
for saturdays bridal shower for a friend :D 


Saturday, July 6, 2019

1 - 6th of july in outfits

I have decided to take a picture each day until I have an outfitphoto of every clothingitem :D 
I realized how good idea it is to get a grip about which dresses I don't really like anymore.

My new Moomin t-shirt. Sort of christmasy with the trees maybe but that's okay :'D 
The flowery gray dress I never get tired of. 

I like the black dress but the dotted red dress is not a favourite. I feel like I am old in it? Haha, can't understand why. 

A huuuuge favourite! So cute and awesome :D 

See you again next week for another set of outfits. 

Sunday, June 30, 2019

New week - New outfits

This week of outfits :D

I love the pikachu print! I really would like to have more pokemon dresses, maybe with Eeve or Meowth! 

This black dress was one of my favourites last summer. And now I don't really like it? I think the past year I have gotten more comfortable in dresses and skirts with prints. But this gray dress is still a favourite though :) 

Yesterday we went to a cityfestival with some friends and I wore this amazing dress! 
I hope this movie works so you can see how it looks in the sun. ^_^ 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Week of outfits

It's summer, my wardrobe is awesome and I want to take more outfitpictures :D
So this is what I dressed like this week at my job. (I only work 4 days because my job is 75%) 

I love the top with the red details <3 

And the Peter Pan skirt with clocks, wonderful, I feel like princess in it :D

Which one is your favourite of this week? 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My year so far

It was a snowy start to the year. It felt so great to live in this beautiful place with all the snow even though it took a lot of work. After 8 years in a apartment one is not very used to having to..take care of the snow, haha! 

We found out that our little cutie Kira is sick. Her kidneys are damaged. So that's the worst part of this year so far. We have been taking many tests and she has special food now, she still seems very happy <3 So I hope we still have a long time left with our baby. 

Luna LOVES it here. The freedom for her, running around in the garden. No cars or trains nearby. 

I have been feeling so much better mentally as well since the move. I feel more calm, not as much anxiety.  
Sadly I don't feel as well in my body. My endometrios seems to have found new places to grow so next monday I'm going for an ultrasound to find out why the pain is so intense. 

It feels weird that 4 months already passed from this year. I think I want to do a blogentry about our house, we renovated a lot before moving here in november last year and it's soooo beautiful. 

I hope you all had a great winter and see you again soon :) 

Monday, December 31, 2018


I wrote a little review on instagram for this year, but I dont want to break the tradition of writing a long entry here with all my thoughts about it. :)

This year started with a lot of anxiety. It felt like I was at the gynekologist all the time becasue of the cervical lesions in my cervix. And also I got a cold. Again. I was sick on christmas the year before so it was no fun to have a fever again in january. Time passed by and I started reading Outlander! 2018 was really the year of Outlander, I was reading, I was watching the show and all my thoughts was about it for a while, could barely sleep haha!
In april I got the greatest news: I was finally free from cervical lesions! What a joy and relief. :D

In May I started looking for jobs in my husbands hometown. We wanted to move back to where his family lives after 8 years in Västerås. I also participated in a running event which I had wanted to do for years. But also I didn't feel good. Mattias was gone long days because of his work, we just wanted to move closer to his job but felt stuck because of my job. We went to larp and then summer was here. Mattias turned 30! My sister from Finland came to Sweden so we went to hang with her and her family and I of course was sick with fever again, puh. :( 
On our summervacation we visited a fancy mansion as birthdaygift for ourselves. Very cozy! 
When autumn came we started to be really stressed out over our movingsituation, I still hadn't found a new job, the house required more renovating than expected and I was so tired all the time so I carried not so healthy energizerdrinks with me.. 
So that was the time that we took the decision that I was to quit my job so we could move before christmas. I wasn't sad about it even though I loved my collagues. It felt like the right decision. We worked really hard with packing and fixing the house and 18th november we went. 3 weeks after I heard from a job I had been on interview for and I got it! So in a few days I start my new job as a churchassistant. So much has fallen in place the last month. I have often felt that even though this year was hard in many ways, this was the year we were supposed to move back "home". :) 
I love it here, I feel more free with all the forest and nature around, even the cats seem happier than in the apartment. I hope that my new job will be great, I have dreamed about working in a church since I was 13. 2019, I have many hopes for you. 

This is the stuff I want to accomplish the year of 2018:
- Try to do more yoga. I'm falling behind in my workouts because I'm so tired which affects my endometrios badly. Maybe instead of a rough workout I could try to to yoga the days I feel weary (/)
- Use that spagiftcard! (x)
- Be with family more. Sometimes when Mattias visits his family I'm to scared to go with. I'm scared that they will ask questions about my anxiety when I can't pretend to be happy. But I like going there. So I should remember that (x)
- Most important, use the money I now have on more fun stuff I really enjoy, visit the movies, go on a cruise, maybe go to Finland again.  (/)

I think I did good :) 

Wishes for 2019:
Plan ahead with food more so I don't have too cook every day ( )
Create a garden with eatable stuff at our house ( )
Always, try to worry less. It is really tiring to worry like I do over every small thing I can possibly find. I hope I can worry less in 2019 ( )

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Welcome autumn!

Hello again! 
Last time I wrote my summervacation was about to begin.

We went to Vingåker och visited my husbands aunt.

We also visited a mansion called Friiberghs, as a gift to ourself for both turning 30 this year, wihoo! 

Welcome gift, non-alcoholic cider, fruit and chocolate <3 


We ate a 4 course dinner, very weird for us who are not used to such extravagant food :'D 

Very beautiful and relaxing time! 

I'm really exited for autumn now. Larping, my birthday, halloween and possibly some otjer fun stuff happening!