Sunday, February 19, 2017

The wolf

Today I felt inspired!
So I had a quick little wolfsession outside.
I think animals is my favourite thing to dress as, after disneyprincesses ;)  

(click on pictures for larger view)

Kira <3

Thanks for looking :D

Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello! :D 
Today it felt like spring. So I realized it was time to show you the winterjacket I bought..last winter, haha! I totally have forgotten about that really. So this morning I took some pictures before running to the bus. 

I hate winterjackets. I always have hard time feeling comfortable in them. But this one I haven't had any problems with so far. :) It's warm and pretty! I like how it looks at the front and the back:
Sadly this picture were blurry so I took a better one as well. But maybe you still can see in the blurry one how nicely it's shaped when it on :D
 I bought it last winter on sale at couldn't find it now though. 

I had plans to start taking more outfitpictures but it seems that I mostly take these kinds of pictures nowadays, haha! 


Maybe I will be better at it when spring actually arrives, no promises though ;P

Have a lovely weekend everyone reading this!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Time for a little update :) This month went by so fast. 
I love my new job but I think I'm still trying to get used to working fulltime so I'm very tired. I spend my freetime with Grey's anatomy, haha! 13 seasons is a lot and it's perfect for a tv-show nerd like me. 

Things I have done this month other than working and sleeping:

I cut my hair and dyed it with Directions Midnight blue. It turned out just the way I wanted, more black than blue. :)

I took some pictures with my finished Ariel costume. This summer I have plans of taking some better photos at the beach. Next disneyprincess project will be Elsa. I really need a Elsa costume in my life I think. 

I have spent this month cuddling so much with these three, being tired after work and needing lots of rest isn't so bad with this company in the sofa. :D

I hope everyone has had a great forst month of the year!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 - A review

It's time for a long entry about 2016!
It was a very different year, both good and bad stuff involved and WOW, it has been crazy when it comes to jobs! When this year started I really felt that it was time for me to leave the job I had been on for 3 years. It had nothing more to give. So I gave myself a new year promise to find a new one. And I did! In february I already was in a new kitchen. A bigger one. But sadly a worse one.. Some of you might remember how bad I felt during those months. It was so much stress so I was very close to a meltdown when I got an offer to work in a bakery for the summer. It was less time and less pay but my husband told me to do it and I did. I will never regret leaving that awful job for a summer with cakes and pastrys.

When summer ended I worked at a after-school centre for a week all randomly. That was interesting because I'm not really used to kids. After that I got the offer to start in a schoolkitchen nearby our apartment. I was a little sad going back to a kitchen again but it really was great! I instantly loved the people I worked with and it wasn't any stress at all there. Sadly it was only 50% so I had to work extra on weekends and sometimes evenings at a foodstore as a casheer and also fooddemonstrator.
I had in some ways made my peace with it though when suddenly I got a surprising and very unexpected e-mail!
A printing office I had sent a jobapplication for in November 2015 wrote to me and wanted me to start working there as a printmaker. When I was there talking to my new boss and he showed me around I felt such joy. I honestly cried on my way home in the car. Would I finally be having a job where I wouldn't have to do the dishes after other people!
I have been working there for a month now and it's the best job I have ever had. I love the people, the tasks and that all my weekends are free from work! Sometimes when I'm working I get little "happy jump" in my stomach because I love it so much! I really hope that I will get to stay when my probationary is over.

Another good part of the year is that my endometriosis actually has stayed more calm than I expected! I haven't been doing all the workouts I should but I guess my contraceptive pills are holding stuff in place more than one can imagine. I'm so thankful for that because pain is something I wouldn't have wanted in the mix this year with all the jobchaos..

Another thing that I have wanted to do for years but couldn't because it's forbidden to wear when working with food is pierce my septum :D So it was my christmasgift to myself this year.

This is the stuff I intended to do this year:
- Finding a new job (X)
- Don't stress about work at home (X)
- Keep working out but also take more walks (/)
- Be myself more and take less shit from other people (/)
- Do a healthy detox ()
- Visit a spa ()

With the awful job I had from february to june my workoutschedule really took a hit. I had zero energy. I have been taking more walks though and have also started my regular workouts again a while back!

This is the stuff I want to accomplish the year of 2017:
-  Visit London ( )
-  Visit a spa ( ) Maybe this year I actually will afford this dream, haha!
-  Go bowling more! ( )
- Talk less to my mom. ( )
This might sound weird to many people but seriously, the world need to stop acting like all kids should appreciate their parents no matter what. My mom makes me feel like shit.

And traditionally, the hair of 2016 :)

Also, the best movie this year was definitely Zootopia, so if you haven't seen it yet you really should :D

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry christmas!

Merry christmas dear readers! :D
We celebrated christmas yesterday at my husbands family. 

I got this little cutie from Mattias mom, haha! Love at first sight. Maybe I'll do an entry later with the other gifts :)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

A tv-serie quiz!

This quiz have been floating around in the swedish blogosphere so when CrimsonAnna also did it I decided to translate it and do it here! Because of my love for tv-series <3
I would love if you readers would want to answer in your blog or in a comment as well!

(sorry if some of the english isn't correct, haha, never been skilled at grammar!)

1. Favorite tv friendship? 
Joey and Chandler from Friends! No doubt :D

2. Best opening theme
I don't watch this serie anymore but it's still my favorite intro! 

3. Favorite 90-s serie
Could say Friends here but Sabrina The teenage witch is also so so good! When I was 13 I used to see an episode on tv each night and wear my hair like Sabrina the next day :D

4.  Funniest tv-show 
This is so hard. There are so many that is very funny worth mentioning like The middle, Melissa and Joey, Ugly Betty, Rita Rocks, Modern family. But in the end I don't think anything will ever be as good as Friends really!

5. If you could change something in a tv-serie, what would it be?
Liv and Major in Izombie would never break up!

6. The worst ending
I think many people are saying the same here. How I met your mother ended very disappointing.

7. If you could only watch one tv-serie for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
I hate this question, haha! Since I really love finding new things to watch. I'm choosing between Sex and the City and Friends. But I think Friends is the safer pick.

8. A tv-serie you look forward too.
In January a new season of Switched at birth is coming! I have been waiting more than a year now. It will be the final season but I'm still so excited!

9. One tv-serie you wish you had never seen
Well sometimes I wish I hadn't found About a boy because it only got 2 seasons and i still miss it! Not even a proper ending.

10.  The most scary character
Negan from The Walking Dead. I'm so scared every episode that he will be in it. xD

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My christmas memories

Lovely Sarah started a little christmas countdown on her blog which is so so nice :D
The first entry is about christmas memories and I will now share some of mine.

Christmas has always been special to me. My mom loved christmas, so when I grew up there were lots of decorations, calendars, christmasbaking and music. Thinking back I really remember christmas as the best time of the year. I have always preferred the days leading to christmas than the day itself, I enjoy the countdown and all the things around but overall I think christmas is too much about gifts. 

The first years of my life I hated santa! I did not understand why he had to come. Even after I had come over my fear I just didn't care for him and used to snap the presents from his hand like a spoiled little brat without even a smile :'D 

Food was always a big part of christmasday! Something I really was looking forward to and it was always lots and lots of leftovers to eat for days, haha! 

After a few years our family skipped the Santa visits and my sister and I gave out the gifts. It was so much fun because the night before we had sat down and made rhymes to most of them :D 

When I moved away from home at 18 I started celebrating christmas with Mattias family. :)
This year is very special because his sister got a little babyboy 2 days ago, so this christmas will be very very different but also exciting!