Monday, December 31, 2018


I wrote a little review on instagram for this year, but I dont want to break the tradition of writing a long entry here with all my thoughts about it. :)

This year started with a lot of anxiety. It felt like I was at the gynekologist all the time becasue of the cervical lesions in my cervix. And also I got a cold. Again. I was sick on christmas the year before so it was no fun to have a fever again in january. Time passed by and I started reading Outlander! 2018 was really the year of Outlander, I was reading, I was watching the show and all my thoughts was about it for a while, could barely sleep haha!
In april I got the greatest news: I was finally free from cervical lesions! What a joy and relief. :D

In May I started looking for jobs in my husbands hometown. We wanted to move back to where his family lives after 8 years in Västerås. I also participated in a running event which I had wanted to do for years. But also I didn't feel good. Mattias was gone long days because of his work, we just wanted to move closer to his job but felt stuck because of my job. We went to larp and then summer was here. Mattias turned 30! My sister from Finland came to Sweden so we went to hang with her and her family and I of course was sick with fever again, puh. :( 
On our summervacation we visited a fancy mansion as birthdaygift for ourselves. Very cozy! 
When autumn came we started to be really stressed out over our movingsituation, I still hadn't found a new job, the house required more renovating than expected and I was so tired all the time so I carried not so healthy energizerdrinks with me.. 
So that was the time that we took the decision that I was to quit my job so we could move before christmas. I wasn't sad about it even though I loved my collagues. It felt like the right decision. We worked really hard with packing and fixing the house and 18th november we went. 3 weeks after I heard from a job I had been on interview for and I got it! So in a few days I start my new job as a churchassistant. So much has fallen in place the last month. I have often felt that even though this year was hard in many ways, this was the year we were supposed to move back "home". :) 
I love it here, I feel more free with all the forest and nature around, even the cats seem happier than in the apartment. I hope that my new job will be great, I have dreamed about working in a church since I was 13. 2019, I have many hopes for you. 

This is the stuff I want to accomplish the year of 2018:
- Try to do more yoga. I'm falling behind in my workouts because I'm so tired which affects my endometrios badly. Maybe instead of a rough workout I could try to to yoga the days I feel weary (/)
- Use that spagiftcard! (x)
- Be with family more. Sometimes when Mattias visits his family I'm to scared to go with. I'm scared that they will ask questions about my anxiety when I can't pretend to be happy. But I like going there. So I should remember that (x)
- Most important, use the money I now have on more fun stuff I really enjoy, visit the movies, go on a cruise, maybe go to Finland again.  (/)

I think I did good :) 

Wishes for 2019:
Plan ahead with food more so I don't have too cook every day ( )
Create a garden with eatable stuff at our house ( )
Always, try to worry less. It is really tiring to worry like I do over every small thing I can possibly find. I hope I can worry less in 2019 ( )

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Welcome autumn!

Hello again! 
Last time I wrote my summervacation was about to begin.

We went to Vingåker och visited my husbands aunt.

We also visited a mansion called Friiberghs, as a gift to ourself for both turning 30 this year, wihoo! 

Welcome gift, non-alcoholic cider, fruit and chocolate <3 


We ate a 4 course dinner, very weird for us who are not used to such extravagant food :'D 

Very beautiful and relaxing time! 

I'm really exited for autumn now. Larping, my birthday, halloween and possibly some otjer fun stuff happening!


Sunday, July 15, 2018


Time for an update! :) I think I should manage to at least make a entry once a month. 

So far this summer has been okay! Looking back at the past month I think that I actually are doing well with my promise to be outside more. 

Last weekend my older sister visited from Finland with her family. So we went to Vimmerby to meet them up. It was awesome though I had a fever so we mostly sat and talked. <3
I missed them already when we went to the car to drive home. 

What do you think, do we look alike? 

My sisters kids looooves my husband, haha! They go all crazy around him, I also think it's hilarous that they always are calling him "the old man" :'D Maybe it's the beard? 

On our way to Vimmerby my husband and I stopped in Norrköping to see the exhibition Avengers station. It wasn't that good so that was money not so well spent. 

In June we went to a beautiful beach at Ängsö Castle. If it wasn't so far away I would go take a bath there every other day. 

Aaand my husband turned 30! So I made a huge sandwich-cake.

This is from the day me and my younger sister biked our way to see the stones at Anundshög! Being the big Outlander fan I am I felt like it might be possible to travel in time by touching these cool old stones. Maybe? 

This is what the past week have felt like, me and my husband has been SO SICK. Not the most fabolous thing to have fever in this heat. I feel better now though so I hope Mattias will be well soon too. 

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the entry :D 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Life plans update!

2014 I published a list with my life plans and goals on my blog. I haven't looked at it much since then. But today I thought I would give it an update, see if I can check anything and also if I wan't to add new things. :D
- Participate in a filming (of a movie or a tv-show)
- Get a tattoo
- Visit Disneyworld or Disneyland (preferably in December)
- Finish my book and get it published
- Learn how to swim
- Visit a spa (X)
- See a burleskshow
- Run a racing jogging (X)
- Have a voice role in a animated movie (This is a hard one!)
- Donate blood 
- Play the game twister but with real, sticky colours as dots!
- Hug Amy lee
- Work at a catshelter
- Visit Italy and try lots of food!
- Celebrate Christmas in another country
- Learn how play the piano
- Become a priest
- Have my own hens and chickens

Comments: Maybe 2 achived in 4 years doesn't seem much but I'm really happy I finally have visited a spa, haha! Last week I also ran that racing jogging together with a collague. :D 
I have tried to donate blood two times but first time my iron level was too low and now I have to wait 2 years because of my cervical lesions.
And I don't know if a really wan't a tattoo anymore?
I really really want to learn how to swim! Maybe I should just go a class for that or something instead of pressuring my husband about it.  

- Participate in a filming (of a movie or a tv-show)
- Get a tattoo (I will consider if I still want this)
- Visit Disneyworld or Disneyland (preferably in December at christmas)
- Finish my book and get it published
- Learn how to swim
- Visit a spa (X)
- See a burleskshow
- Run a racing jogging (X)
- Have a voice role in a animated movie (This is a hard one!)
- Donate blood 
- Play the game twister but with real, sticky colours as dots!
- Hug Amy Lee
- Work at a catshelter
- Visit Italy and try lots of food!
- Celebrate Christmas in another country
- Learn how play the piano
- Become a priest/deacon/or just work in a church!
- Have my own hens and chickens
- Run the color obstacle rush
- Be a fosterparent
- Be good a taking care of plants and flowers! (Ultimate goal, have my own strawberries!)

I have added some and changed some! This time I will write this down in my calendar and really try to achive my goals. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Challenge day 15, 5 current goals

1. Learn how to swim (first I must get over my fear of water so that is the difficult part of it..)

2. Be less on Facebook. The amount of time I spend scrolling there some days are so ridiculous.

3. Be outside more this spring/summer. Even though I love being inside. :S I feel that I really should collect more D-vitamines during the sunny days, my body needs it!

4. Visit more cafeés! Just because I want to :D

5. Don't buy clothes. I don't usually buy a lot but right now I feel like I dont have the need for any new clothes at all. My wardrobe is very well packed.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Challenge day 14, A song that describes how I feel today

Today feels like a good day!
It's the first day of the 4 day eastervacation, it looks like spring outside and we are going to the cinema to watch Ready player one later today. :D

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Challenge day 13, 5 things I do every day

1. Eat candy.
It's true. It might be a bad habit but I don't eat much. A little chocolate or something in the evening makes that day better :D

2. Read
Very important to get to read at least a few pages every day!

3. Kiss my husband and my cats! <3

4. Listen to music
Right now this is my top choice! spotifylink

5. Feel stressed
I feel stressed at least once every day even if I don't have anything to feel stressed about haha!