Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Late christmas presents-post

Since the new year now is here, it's time to put all this christmas-madness behind us I think ;) So I feel that I really need to post this and get it overwith xD

Without further ado, the presents from christmas 2013:

Amazing skull-thingy!

Apron <3 The best one. 

A very very cool lamp.


Mugs and plates, very needed :D

Stockings from my sister, they are so pretty <3

A very pretty frame where our wedding-pictures soon will live.

This was a christmasgift from myself to us ;) 2014 calendar with Victoria Frances pictures. 
Amazing pictures!

I also bought myself some spiderweb earrings from ebay :P 

There, now I can go on with my life.
Very soon I will get all the weddingphotos, so beware, a massive pile of weddingphotos is coming in the near future!


  1. Wanna sell that very very cool lamp? ;o)

    You got some very nice things - and they're all black! Mostly.

  2. Wow, that stockingr are amazing. So cute!

  3. Snygga grejer! Själv fick jag en 5-hundring av svärmor, det var allt :P. Det är det tråkigaste när man får barn, de får alla paketen ;)

  4. Amg, Victoria Frances! <3<3<3 :D
    Gillar allt annat också, speciellt den där lampan!

  5. Victoria Frances' style is really cool and magical! Sometimes I wish I had the patience to paint something similar.
    Oh, that apron! <3
    Sorry I haven't commented on your posts lately, still having internet connection problems but it's nice to hear that your year went pretty well. :)) Hopefully this one's even better for all of us.

  6. Ohh, Victoria Frances *-* ♥ You're very lucky *-*