Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 review

Helloooo! A whole week has passed again since blogging! 
Right now I'm waiting for my sister to send me some christmaspictures she took so I can do a christmaspost :D
But I might as well do this first since the new year isn't far away!
Last year I did a review over the year and it was fun to look back at so I wanted to do this again. 

This year has really been such a good year.  Even though I started it as unemployed, and it felt like it would be forever until I got a job, back in February I was chosen for a project for young people where I got a 50% job for 6 months. It really was the best thing that could happen. It was so much fun working in Rudbeck's kitchen, I liked my collegues a lot <3
By summer, I was transferred to a kitchen in Vallby and it was also nice, I got to bake a lot and thanks to a colleague I got a job interview which resulted in a job at Herrgärdet where I am now. And thanks to my new income I could finally start taking the driving-license, even though it took many months in September I was done and it's still such an incredible relief! So in every way , this year has been a " achievement" year with jobs, driver's license and the wedding :D We were so worried that the wedding would not take place at all when I was still unemployed, but it was the best day of our lives thanks to all the helpful friends who helped us with so much. <3
I'm incredibly excited for 2014 due to many reasons, the trips we want to do, LARP we'll go on and all the new tv-series seasons starting up again ;)

Things I'm not so superhappy with this year is for one thing I haven't been working out since April... I'm very tired after work and feel no desire at all to go away and work out, but I really hope I will soon be able to deal with karate again .
Besides that, I'm pretty tired of my panic attacks that occur every now and then . Less often now than when I was unemployed but I'm afraid to go off on events such as concerts or whatever because I can no longer handle large crowds or even small crowds sometimes. 

Last year I gave these New Year's resolutions for 2013 :

- Cut down on Facebook time
- Comment on blogs more
- Get rid of my sugar addiction
- Eat more vegetarian
- Give Blood

I think I have managed quite well. I spend different time on Facebook than I did before, I'm only there to answer emails and not just to boringly stare at the newsfeed. I comment more on blogs, but overall , I read less blogs now because I removed the ones that made me feel bad in any way from my readinglist.
Sugar addiction still hangs on , unfortunately, what to do : 'D
Vegetarian I eat a lot more of than I did before and it feels very good!
I gave no blood since I found out in March that I have very low blood pressure. I often feel tired and a little dizzy because of it , so I think I will wait with giving blood. :/

New ones for 2014 :
- Try more Raw food recipes (also this is a new attempt to get rid of sugar addiction xD)
- Start practising karate again and get the next belt!
- Travel to at least two countries
- Give blood if I start to feel better
- Visit a spa (always wanted to do that)


  1. 2013 var ett bra år för dig, verkligen! :) 2014 blir säkert lika bra!

    Det här med socker... suck. xD
    Jag ska hålla mig till fredag/lördag hade jag tänkt. Började ju med LCHF några veckor innan Jul och det blev ju inte så mycket med det ,because, LUSSEBULLAR! Haha & lite annat gott. ;D
    Jag försökte också köra paleo tidigare, men jag dog ju utan min ost och mjölk. Hoppas det funkar för dig/er! Det finns massa roligt och gott att testa inom raw food. :)

    1. Ja det är så svårt att bli av med det beroendet..jag tänkte mest att jag skulle försöka prova lite godis recept i raw-format :)

  2. All in all, I think you did pretty well :D! 2013 got incredibly better for you considering how it started, didn't it :)? I'm really glad your year is ending in joy. I hope 2014 is going to be just as good for you! Happy new year, darling ;*

  3. So happy to hear you achieved so many goals on 2013.
    For me it has been a good year too. It´s curious I also had "cutting down on sugar" on my list (I must admit I miserably failed).
    Really hope you have an even better 2014. Meanwhile I want to wish you a very happy New Year, wherever you celebrate it, be happy and share with your most special people.

    Lots of love, dalring!

    1. I'ts hard to live without sugar it seems >.<

      Happy new year! :)

  4. Vilka bra nyårslöften!! :D
    Gott Nytt 2014!

  5. Fina nyårslöften och överlag ser det ut att ha varit ett fint år 2013 :)

    Tänkte bara snabbt säga att med blodgivning så kan det faktiskt pigga upp blodet att ge bort lite. Sådär, bort med det gamla och in med nytt o friskt blod ;) Så bara inte ditt Hb är lägre än gränsen så testa! Kom bara ihåg att ligga och vila vid blodgivningen de 15 min de rekommenderar så inte blodtrycket behöver jobba så mycket :)

    Gått nytt år!