Sunday, November 4, 2012

Eyebrow project!

13 october I shaved off most of my eyebrows and are trying to grow them out in a new shape.
Got a tip from a friend to apply castoroil every day, it will apparently help them grow.
(I was stupid and pulled away each hair separetly instead of shaving them in my youth, and since then, they have not grown as they should)

So this is how far I have come now. :'D

Not an entire shape yet sadly, how long is this gonna take! :(


  1. Good luck! Hope it's quick! I pluck my eyebrows, but they always grow back. Apparently for some people they do, some they don't. I've had so many different eyebrow styles over the years, low, high, scarily too thin for my face shape. I'm pretty happy with mine now.