Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hi God, can I have this jacket?

Oh, If I only had the money to buy this jacket <3


  1. It sucks not having the money to buy nice things, doesn't it? It makes me mad.

    I think, though, with some studding and a bit of drawing with fabric paint or iron on transfer or something and plus adding some zippers or chains, you could make this. You can get chains from craft stores, studs from ebay or etsy, buy an iron on transfer or print one with the computer printer on special paper. I reckon you could do it!

    1. Yeeees.. I love to have money, I'm such a shopoholic. :<

      Yes..the problem is that then i have to buy a black jacket and all the other stuff like paint, chains and so on.. everything in this world cost money and right now I have zero income so I dont even dare to buy ingredients for baking anymore. :( but thank you anyway for the tips! <3

  2. It is pretty cute - the plaid one's nice, too! :)