Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My hairhistory

 I thought it would be fun to have my hairhistory on the blog so here it goooes. Starting with 2004!

Hair so brown and untouched :'D

I convinced my mum that black is the thing.

Then I got red extensions, it was nice.

Wanted red hair, failed a lot.

Not red. But I sort of liked it.

Back to black again!

Tried dreads for the first time.
Pretty clips <3

Dreads again :D
Wanted shorter hair so I tried a wig for a while to decide


My attempt to red hair begun again xD

So I cut my hair shortest I dared to get it all red!
Saved for a while and got a mohawk! :D
Decided to save my hair long again.

Tried wooldreads. Sadly I'm allergic. :<
Got pink hair, yaaaay!
And then it got purple. I loved that!
Dreads again!
My boyfriend helped me put in loose hair :D
Wanted sidecuts.
Some weird colourcombo xD
And back to own haircolor for a while.
And so black again!
Added green where the sidecut used to be.



  1. You are so lucky you look good with any length of hair! I can't pull off short hair! You have had so many cool hair colours, I have only done blonde, black, red and pink, and I have no pictures of the pink.

    Omigod are you allergic to wool to! I feel so happy I have finally found someone else who is! People look at me so weird when I tell them! I can't even wear unlined wool clothes, or ones with a thin lining.

    1. Thank you so much :D I really like trying new things with my hair. But now I want long hair for my wedding so I will try hard to not cut it before xD

      YEES, I almost scratched my head off wearing those dreads!

  2. Omg, and I thought I had changed my look a lot :D I'm in awe!
    You really looked good with all of those hair colours and cuts. My favourite looks, though, are:
    -black mid-length curls with side bangs;
    -red bob (the picture with the tiara);
    -purple hair (shorter and longer version). As I said, you looked good in all the colours, but I think that one particularly fitted you. :)

    1. Thanks :'D people tend to be very surprised over my changes of hair.
      And I'm not done yet, I have many things to try out yet!

      Purple hair was one my favourites too, it's a truly great color! <3

  3. Allt passar dig! Men det har vi säkert diskuterat innan, haha xD Men lila är nog min nya favorit! Jag fick lila hår av misstag en gång, det var inte snyggt på mig... alls.

    1. Haha tack :'D <3
      Lila är underbart! Tyvärr är den helt hemsk på att färga av sig överallt och jobbig att få bort, så varje gång jag färgade håret var även min kropp lila ett par dagar, så det var det som gjorde mig less!
      Du kan också göra en "hairhistory"? :D

  4. Du har nog till och med haft fler frisyrer och hårfärger än mig och jag har haft jättemånga. :D

  5. My absolute favorite cut on you was the chin-length bob with the bangs (wearing the crown). I also loved the purple on you!

    1. Thank you! It's so funny that many people seems to think I look good in it when I myself think I look like a giant baby in bangs :'D
      But purple I liked a lot!