Monday, November 5, 2012

Top 10-challenge, Day 1

Day 1 - 10 facts about myself.

1. I've never been unhappy with my body, I am amazed at people who think about whether the clothes in the store makes you look fat or not. My brain is just not set that way.
Sure, I wouldn't say no if God granted me with bigger boobs, but I'm totally fine with everything I have now. xD

2. Finding friends is hard for me.

3.  I always buy stuff when it's deals like 3 for 30, 2 for the price of one at the grocery store and so on. xD
I can not help it, AAAAAAAH!

4. I want to be a rock star when I grow up.

5. Im suffering from a sugar addiction. I eat candy or drink coca-cola every day.

6. I quit doing things too easily because I wan't to be best and when I notice I can not I just quit.

7.  I like to smell my cat's fur, I think it smells good and my boyfriend think I'm disgusting when I say it. :'D

8.  If I won millions of money I would open a catshelter, it's one of my biggest lifegoals.

9.  I love internetdebates. So when people comment mean things about my dolls or something I just make it worse by starting a HUGE discussion. xD

10. I'll get jealous VERY easily. And then I get mad. And then my boyfriend is in trouble though he is innocent xD


  1. I can totally relate to points 6, 9 and 10 XD
    Come on, debates are fun XD

    1. Nice xD
      Yes they are, expecially when my mind is on fire and I "win" the conversation. Also, if I dont get the last word it's hard for me to stop argueing.. :P

    2. Same as you! Omg I will NEVER leave them the last word. And I will never stop until they shut up and realize how stupid they look *_*
      (I'm like this when it comes to serious issues like, for instance, women's rights; otherwise I don't even bother speaking ''XD)

  2. I'm still trying to learn to avoid buying 'bargain' things I usually wouldn't buy, which means I am not actually saving money.

    I licked the cat's head once. She was not impressed.

    I love the idea of a cat shelter. When I was younger I wanted a horse shelter. I have realised since that I will not have that much space.

    I try to avoid debates, because people get really personal, instead of keeping to the topic, then I get upset and cry. I have been harassed on the internet before, and am now trying to avoid it.

  3. Haha, jag brukar lukta på alla våra djur, dom doftar gott i pälsen dom med! Men katthår i ansiktet är lite obehagligt :D
    Behöver inte dra en hel roman här men vi är rätt lika faktiskt ^^