Monday, November 26, 2012

Top 10-challenge, Day 14

Day 14 - 10 favorite bands / singers

I think this is a tough one because I love music and loves lots of bands and singers. I think I'm just gonna go after what a listen to mostly. :D

1. Evanescence
2. Deathstars
3. Rammstein
4. Sarek
5. Safetysuit
6. Birthday Massacre
7. Lacuna Coil
8. The Cure
9. Linkin Park
10. Ozzy Osbourne


  1. Oooh, The Birthday Massacre! I love the video for In The Dark, it's one of the most terrifyingly beautiful things I have ever seen!

    I knew I would love Lacuna Coil before I ever heard them, I memorised some of their lyrics I saw written down.

    Christina Scabbia is so beautiful and has such an amazing powerful voice, I think she was classically trained? Also I love their instruments, I believe them have a bass and a guitar with extra strings, which makes the sound more complex and fascinating!

    1. My favourite song and video with Birthday Massacre is Looking glass :D

      Yes, everything is great about Lacuna Coil, the lyrics are so awesome! I agree, they have a special sound.

  2. Birthday Massacre's nya album lät riktigt bra så jag har beställt det :)

    1. Ja jag tycker de blir bara bättre och bättre för varje album :D

      Jag återupptäckte Lacuna Coil för några veckor sen efter en paus på typ 2 år xD nu kan jag inte få nog av dem!