Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top 10-challenge, Day 15

Day 15- 10 bloggers I really like

1. My sister of course! Even if she is soooooo baaaaaad at leaving me comments. ;) http://orichime.blogspot.se/

2. Sandra! She is so nice and funny to "talk" or "comment" with! I hope I get to meet her irl sometime.

3. Shannon should also be on this list. Always interesting entrys and a very nice person. http://drinkingnotstudying.blogspot.se/

4. Laura is also one of my favourites and I looove her clothing!

5. This is my cousin. She writes in swedish though but she is so funny!

6. Linnea is such a super nice person with a very beautiful home.

7. A random swedish blog. Her personality is the best!

8. One of the first gothblogs I found therefor Bethezda is sort of an icon for me. <3 http://bethezdaspreoccupations.blogspot.se/

9. A swedish blog about a place called "Norrland". The blogger is like an angel so sweet!

10. A woman who writes about gender in a fun way so everyone understands it. Since I started reading her blog my life has become better.

Thank you all for being here and brighten my life! <3


  1. Wooo! Thank you for mentioning me! Your comments on my blog are always so sweet and I really appreciate them! I always like to know what you wear too!

  2. Aww, thank you <3! It's very kind of you to mention me *blushes*
    I'll take a look to the other blogs of this list, the one about gender seems very interesting :D

  3. YAY! :D <3 Right back at u! :):)