Tuesday, November 6, 2012


On my old blog I wrote a lot of entrys regarding me and my fiancé wedding next year.

Instead of moving all those entrys here I decided to make a separat entry with everything together on what we have decided on so far. ^^

A collage I made with ideas on how it will look like. Gothic and christmas are sort of the words for our wedding!

Inspiration on how my dress may look like. The pictures are found here: link

Flowers for the hair! I want something like this in black and red!

Idea for wedding-invitations. :D

About the hair, the only thing I'm certain of is that it will be curly!


When we enter the church: Bridal march (Here comes the bride)

Solo-song: Far longer than forever from the movie Swanprincess

Psalm 84: Vi lyfter våra hjärtan (We lift our hearts)

Solo-song: I only wanna be with you (Originally by Volbeat)

This one we want everyone in the church to sing xD: All I want for christmas

Psalm 82: Gud se nåd i dessa två (God see the grace in these two)

Walking out of the church: Final fantasy;Melodies of life

Rosepetals on the tables! <3

Skeletons caketopper is a must!

Sort of the shoes I want. I think I will buy black ballerinas and add glitter to them myself. ^^

And if someone is wondering, the weddingdate is 13 december 2013.

It will be legendary!


  1. Yeah! I loved that steampunk wedding! How beautiful was it! I think I posted it on my blog too a while ago!

    You have to get that prop moon thing! I love those! They are so cool! I love how they used them in old photography!

    1. Yes, I wish I had been on that wedding myself xD

      I would be so cute sitting on a moon like that!

    2. Not I would be, IT would be so cute xD

  2. I really like some of the photos you're using as inspiration. The photo shoot with the moon and lights is really cute and I really like the idea of having skeleton cake toppers. I think if I were to have a wedding I would fashion mine with gothic influences as well, but mine would not have any guests! lol I really like the Steampunk couple, they're outfits are fantastic.

    1. Thank you :D I hope we can find skeleton-toppers to a descent shipping price..they are really expensive!

      Not any guests? :'D how come?