Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lé gifts!

I really like all the gifts I got this christmas. :D

I died a little when I saw these gloves. SO . PRETTY. They are perfect to my lolitacoat.

A superpretty tree-ornament

No-one can imagine how exited I am to try this macarone-kit. :'D 
I have heard only good stuff about it.

Cozy sweater! ^^

My boyfriends mum had made this necklace with skulls. 
She is awesome at making jewelry.

I think this was the best gift! O.O Boots! 
With skulls! AAAH, I love them.

I also got a pretty scissor I will bring with me on larps. 

Did you get what you wished for this christmas?


  1. Jag gillar också dina julklappar, haha xD
    Saxen är jättefin :) Allt är fint!
    Älskar bootsen! Man behöver alltid skor ;)

    1. De har verkligen lyckats hitta saker som är "jag" detta år :D

      Sant! Och själv har jag inte köpt helt nya skor på flera år, jag köper bara billiga på tradera så det här var jättebra :D

  2. Omg, such amazing gifts! The gloves are lovely, I've seen something like that in a shop and I'm so jealous now xD
    And the macaronsssss <3 I wish I had that thing too, I love macarons but they're so damn expensive!
    The sweater is super cool and so is the necklace your boyfriend's mum made, she must be really attentive to your tastes :)!
    And finally, receiving SHOES is one of the most amazing gifts one can receive. That was very thoughtful of whoever bought them for you :)

    1. Yeees, his family know me so well :D

      Absolutely, shoes is so expensive so I hardly never buy any so I'm so grateful for them ^^

  3. I LOVE those gloves! And the skull necklace is pretty amazing - your boyfriend's mom IS very good at making jewellery! :o)

    1. ME TOO! I will wear them until they fall apart.

      Yes, I said to her that she should make jewelry and try to sell it. :D

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed! Det känns som att de verkligen börjar ha koll på min stil ^.^