Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 10-challenge, Day 20

Day 20 - 10 things I must do before I die

1. Live in a house with a slide indoor. ( )
2. Marry Mattias ( )
3. Visit Disneyland ( )
4. Have a son named Mushu in second name. ( )
5. Finish writing my book and get it published. ( )
6. Meet Amy Lee from Evanescence ( )
7. Get purple hair after I turned 60 years old. :'D ( )
8. Get a black belt in karate ( )
9. Learn how to speak sign-language. ( )
10. Work at a catshelter. ( )

Picture from last summer. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Jag har gjort. :) Har funderat på att börja med det igen men det skulle vara så jobbigt att ta ut alla piercings för varje pass. XD

  2. Some good things there! I have to add some more achievable things to my list, a lot of my ones are a bit difficult!

    Good luck on the book, I think that would be great! You must do it! :)

    Yes, that is the good thing about white hair, not having to bleach it before making it crazy colours. I am determined to be an eccentric old person, but I may just go around hitting people with my walking stick, ha ha!

    I have always wanted to learn sign language, there are so many though. As well as different languages for different countries, there are apparently different slangs for different cities, wow!

    1. It's good to have some easy ones to :'D

      Thank you! I hope I will finish it sometime, I'm so lazy!

      Exactly! I really hope it get superwhite hair! But that's so pretty too so when and if I get it I might like it too much to dye it purple. xD

      Me too, as soon as I'm done studying to my drivinglicense I will start with sign-language!

  3. >7. Get purple hair after I turned 60 years old. :'D ( )

    Ahah XD I want to do that too, only I'll probably go for hot pink and light blue (together!).
    What's your novel about :)? You know, I've been writing for ten years now and aside from countless short stories I've written five long stories, one of which I'm going to send to a publisher by the beginning of the next year :) have you published your works somewhere on the internet?

    1. Yeah, pink is also a colour I would like to try if I get white hair xD Like, neon pink!

      No I'm not as active writer as you are. :D This book is about my childhood. It has been a bit .. tough. So I write it for the reason that I wanna help others who have had similar so they dont feel as lonely. My goal is to one day maybe get to give lectures in schools and talk about it. :)

      Good luck with your book! Hope I get to read it one day.

  4. If you'll still do karate at 60 years old and have purple hair, you're going to be the most awesome granny ever. :D