Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 10-challenge, Day 23

Day 23 - 10 things I love with myself

1. My sense of humor (it's  the best, I promise!)

2. My vocabulary. (I know many many words, and I can spell them correctly too :D)

3. My creativity

4. My eyes ( A friend once told me I have Johnny Depp eyes xD Thats a thing I can live with.)

5. I'm good at baking and cooking

6. That my body is so agile.

7. My reading skills (I can read very fast!)

8. I love that people think I'm weird.

9. Min bodyshape overall :'D

10. My nails. After 23 years of ripping them off I managed this summer to stop doing that. I have so long and perfect nails now. <3

And this post did not feel self-absorbed at all. ;)

My dolls is probably one of the weirdest parts of me if you ask my friends.  :P


  1. Ibland får man lov att älska sig själv :P
    Din docka är tuff ^^

    1. Jag tror det skulle vara nyttigt för många att skriva 10 saker de gillar med sig själv ^^

      Tackar :'D