Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 10-challenge, Day 28

Day 28 - 10 things I regret

1. I really regret that I dated someone for a while when Mattias and I had a break 3 years ago. It was very unneccessery and a waste of time.
2. Not trying harder before I quit the teacher-education I think.
3. Sometimes I regret I quit my graphic job too start the pastry education. But I try not to because I loved that education and got wonderful friends.

I can't think of more things that I truly regret.
Sure, there are little things that I wonder about sometimes but I don't want to regret things I have done ..
My sister once said to me: Never regret something that once made ​​you smile.
And that quote I try to live by.

Sometimes the choices I made were not the best but I have, after all, learned things from them and they have not been in vain.

Look forward, not backward. :)


  1. I definitely agree with your sisters quote. Dwell on the good things, not the bad. Pastry education sounds fascinating!

    It's great you don't have much to regret, it means you mostly make good choices. :)That is something to be proud of!

    I just plan to try more and more to just spend time doing things that make me happy my own way. Then I won't regret not living my life. That is one of the biggest regrets old people seem to have.

    1. Yes it's a very good quote. :D
      It was a great education, I learned so much! I really hope that I will find a job as a baker soon.

      I think if I started to dwell on my life, I would probably think of more things I regret, but I do not want to do that. What's done is done, I guess it's better try to just make good decisions in the future instead. :'D

  2. Ånger leder en verkligen ingen vart. "Gjort är gjort!" :)
    Men visst är det lätt att hamna i tradiga tankar.
    Vad är den här Top 10-challenge, är det något du gör själv eller kan man joina någonstans?

    1. Precis, det är så man får tänka, det förflutna går ju ändå inte att ändra :)

      Jag hittade utmaningen på en blogg och ville göra den :D Här är "start-inlägget"

      Det är dock en svensk utmaning så jag översatte frågorna också har jag bytt ut några också :'D