Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10-challenge, Day 30

Last one! :D

Day 30- 10 places I want to go

1. Egypt! <3

2.  Disneyland or Disneyworld

3. Somewhere in Italy (to eat a lot)

4. The Dartmoor Zoo from the movie "We bought a zoo"

5. New zeeland. It seems so pretty!

6. London

7. New york

8. Hogwarts

9. Paris

10. A roadtrip through sweden

Anyone who has been to any of these places? 


  1. I want to go to America, especially New Orleans (do you know they have an Anne Rice Ball?) California, and NY. I really want to go see NZ too, they have a Hobbiton set you can visit, apparently. I am really lucky I got to go to the Hogwarts High Tea in December, which was a lot like going to Hogwarts. there are many specific things I want to go and see too, like the Lovecraft bar in Portland America and the steampunk animals of the Isle of Nantes in France.

    1. I actually dont know what a Anne Rice Ball is xD Am I a noob?

      The Hobbiton set is probably amazing, but what I've heard it is..sort of expensive. :<

      I also have many specifik places I wanna go, mostly in London right now though.

  2. >Somewhere in Italy (to eat a lot)

    Ahah XD well, if you ever manage to come here, just tell me and I'll make sure your belly will be filled :D (actually if your aim is eating you should go to southern Italy, and I live in Venice, but I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed by the food anyway XD)

    I went to Egypt, London, New york and Paris, and I'd really recommend you to go to all of these places (especially NY, I fell in love with that city). I went to London and Paris twice but I prefer the former :D and as regards Egypt, well, I only went to Sharm El Sheikh, so I basically only went to the beach and sunbathed, which doesn't really count as visiting a country :/

    1. I dont know much about Italy, but the towns i had in mind was actually Venice and Florens :'D
      So if I ever visit I promise to tell you!

      Wow you have seen some places! I expect NY to be exactly as nice in movies, haha! xD

    2. You should visit Venice if you have the chance to :D I'm not telling this because it's my hometown, but because it's worth it. But call me if you do because you'll need a native to prevent you from going to places where you'll pay ten euros for a coffee XD (it's really sad but they always try to cheat with tourists).

      Yes, I must say I have traveled quite a lot, I'm very lucky. NY is exactly how you see it in the movies. The U.S. are generally exactly how you see them in the tv. I was particularly amazed at the large streets and the houses without fences and the porches <3 exactly like you see them in the media. But also by the huge high streets, the enormous amount of space they have for parking and the fact that everyone has big cars. Just as in the movies :D

    3. Oh, and about Florence: it's definitely worth it because of the art (Florence was the artistic, literary, political and economical center of the town during the Renaissance) but I didn't like the city itself, I don't know why... I guess because the means of transport weren't the best and there were too many fast food restaurants, I expected Florence to be more classy xD

    4. I definitly will :D And I really appreciate your offer. Since I have never travelled anywhere it will be awesome to have a own guide :'D

  3. Jag har varit i Rom, och ja, det är sjukt värt att åka till italien bara för att äta! <3

    Har varit i New York också, men var där alldeles för kort tid. Det är en stor jäkla stad, jag skulle lätt kunna spendera två veckor där och ändå inte hinna se/göra allt jag vill se/göra där. Förstår mig inte på folk som tar en weekendresa dit, man hinner ju ingenting på en weekend! :O

    1. Har du ätit pizza där? :D *excited*

      Ja verkligen, de finns ju alldeles för mycket att se där för att bara åka en helg O.o