Thursday, January 31, 2013


I dont think I mentioned this but I have decided to save out my real haircolour again. 
OH YEES I'm not indecisive at all :'D

 I want my hair to grow better for a while. I'm also a liiiittle afraid dyeing my hair in case it would mess with my No Poo washingrutines. Haircolours are definitly poo.

My hair right now: Lots of weird colors!
It will be difficult, my hair will look ugly, but I'll make it!

Eyes on the price:


  1. I had to do it too, I mean going back to my real hair colour: after trying blonde they were pretty much destroyed :/ every few years I let them grow without dying them, I think they need it.
    Aw, I love Ruby's hair <3 and I love her style, too <3

    1. Is your hair growing faster now than before? :D I really hope mine will!

      Me too, it's awesome! I really need to attach some red clips in my hair in a few months!

    2. I wouldn't know 'cause I kept cutting them after I dyed them my natural colour D: Now I'll let them grow for a while and then I'll be able to tell you. One thing's for sure: they look healthier. When I was blonde you could see they were ruined, now they're smoother and stronger, and that's a good thing.
      In the end I decided to just let them grow brown, 'cause it's easier to blend in and find a job with natural coloured hair here, and then just buy wigs in my favourite colours. Since I tend to go back to red every once in a while, and then it's very hard to take it off, I'll just go for a wig so I'll be a redhead when I feel like it and go back to brown when I don't :D (sometimes I even feel nostalgic for black, plus it's the ultimate goth hair colour, so I'll even get a black wig :D)

      I guess you'll have to let your hair grow a little before reaching Ruby's length, but it will be worth waiting :D

    3. I see! Yes, wig are great to have, I wish I could afford to buy a really pretty intense red one, it's one of my dreamhaircolour but too hard to maintain. :D

      I agree, black is the ultimate gothcolour, so I'm sure I will start to miss it soon, but that colour is not good for my scalp so I have to think about that.

    4. Yeah, I found out wigs can be really expensive! I'd seen a gorgeous red one but it was almost $90... I mean, I could afford it if I wanted to, but I refuse to pay that much money for a synthetic wig!
      But you know, actually colours that are darker than your natural colour are good for your hair. They make it stronger and "heavier". Of course, if you're trying to avoid putting products on your hair, you should avoid dyes in the first place :/
      Yea, maybe wigs are the best solution for you. There are pretty affordable ones, it's just a matter of searching and searching and searching through ebay and asian websites XD

  2. Jag har skrivit ett blogginlägg om hur man får håret att bli längre :) Du får hålla utkik efter det