Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today I have been on a jobinterview!

At a cafe for a job as a pastry chef. Yaaay!
They were really nice and friendly and it felt good, but they still wanted to give some thought if they are going to hire me or another person who they also found interesting.
 I will hear from them within a few days.

I am so nervous because I want so much to have this job!

Todays hair :)

The snow is back! <3 So pretty!


  1. Iiih, vad kul! :D Hoppas du får jobbet!!!
    Snö <3 men fyfan för kylan som kom med snön, inatt var det ca 20 minus här *buhu* xD

    1. Jaa, jag hoppas sååå!

      Ja det är ganska kallt här med, men det är faktiskt lite mysigt också med riktig vinter :'D

  2. Hoppas att de ger dig ett positivt besked!

  3. I really wish you get that job - sounds amazing, being surrounded by delicious food all day :D
    Was that the outfit for the job interview? I really like it :D and I'm also thinking, if I went to a job interview in my country with that outfit and green hair they probably would kick me out before I even opened my mouth... it's so good to know that there are places where they value people's skills instead of their appearance (which in your case is always *great* by the way ;D)

    1. Thank you! I will be worried all day I think until they call. I hope they call today!

      Yes it was my oufit! :D I jus try to tone my style down a little on interviews, not with clothing but with jewellry, so no vampire tooths or bleeding stuff. xD

      Oh my that sounds very evil! Even though I have been on interview a few years ago when I had mohawk and I saw already on their eyes when I stepped into the office that they wouldnt pick me for the job.