Thursday, January 3, 2013

My old art

When I visited my mother my sister was going through some old boxes with stuff and she had found my old drawings I made many years ago. 

Ever since I was a kid until I was about 18 I loved to paint and draw! It was almost the only thing I did. xD
I studied art in high school and it ruined everything about that for me because I compared myself too much with the other and started to feel crappy. That's a shame. I miss my old hobby.

So here are some of my old artwork:

I made this when I was 16, I really like how the water turned out.

A creation made by 12-year old me :'D 

Apparently what I though my wedding would look like when I was 14. 

I don't know when I made this.

And of course Jesus. I think I was 15 when I made this for my mum.

I also found this, which is sort of a funny thing. When I was 12 I sent a loveletter to Leonardo Di caprio and told him that I looked forward to our future together, and gave him the other half of that heart. Cute right? :'D


  1. Vilken skola gick du på? Jag pluggade också konst på gymnasiet, estetisk konst och form på Rudbeck, för evigheter sedan.

  2. ahahah XD I'm sure Leonardo Di Caprio would've been flattered by your super cute letter XD!

    1. I hope he was xD but he probably didn't even have time to read it I guess.

  3. Did Leonardo write back? :D

    You should start painting and drawing again, but just for yourself and your own enjoyment. I'd love to see what you think your wedding will look like now!!

    1. No he didn't :'D I waited and waited.

      You are right, I really should :)

      Since me and my man are getting married in december this year I have a whole category here on the blog about the wedding actually :D
      There you can se what our plans are so far.