Friday, February 8, 2013

Lesthi's wishlist

Sometimes I do a cleansing of my neverending bookmarks on the computer. And they end up here on the blog, it's easier than to fill the computer with random stuffs. :) 
So here you have it, another list of stuff I wish I had!

Awesome winterhatthingy from Amazon

This little fellow from ebay

Classy, yet gothic sweater from Cats like us

Windchime from this place: link

Touchscreen gloves from ebay

Possible the prettiest skirt I've ever seen from odium

Dress from Fokiwa

And seriously, how awesome wouldn't it be to have these? :'D 
I probably wouldn't use them as much as I think though, hähä.


  1. The Morgue sign is the best! Imagine if you put it on your front door and people knocked on the door with a dead body!

    1. That would be so great! I really hope I someday get to live in a house with spooky look even on the outside. :D If I ever get my own house I will paint it black!