Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monthly Homework Assignment - Date night

Since me and my boyfriend can't afford a date night this valentine (and we have karatepractise on valetine evening anyway so we will spend the evening fighting each other xD)
I made a hearty outfit at Polyvore instead so I could partcipate in Professor Z' homework assignment, I hope it's okay!

I would totally love to have that outfit! :D

Valentine outfit

Gothic dress
290 SEK - attitudeclothing.co.uk

Allegra K black legging
45 SEK - amazon.com

Dolce & Gabbana leopard shoes
1 705 SEK - pret-a-beaute.com

Shopping bag
230 SEK - boohoo.com

Skull jewelry
305 SEK - etsy.com

Bride hair accessory
380 SEK - etsy.com


  1. sv: Eller hur! Ja detsamma må jag verkligen säga, allt är så bra :)

    Mysig blogg du har!

  2. Åh. Men karate på alla hjärtans dag är inte heller så dumt. Dessutom gör ni ju något tillsammans :)

    1. Precis, det är nåt av det bästa med att träna samma sport som sin älskling, att vi får vara tillsammans :D

  3. It is a really cute outfit [heart]

    I know what you mean about valentine and boyfriends trouble i most likely be doing to same or just going to bed but hey all good but i think it is a cute outfit idea and it would look really pretty together...

    1. Thank you ^^

      Valentines are not that big deal really, i think it's better to have dates and doing romantic stuff together the rest of the year when it's not a "must" instead :D

  4. Oh, the flowery hairband! And the wee little anatomical heart! I would certainly invite you for a Valentines date if you'd wear that outfit!

    1. I know, I really think I found some awesome stuff for the outfit :D

      Aww, thank you :'D

  5. Aw, that outfit is SO romantic!!! I also love the heart and flowered headband. :) Hey, just because you can't go out doesn't mean you can't have a date! Strolling through a park is a date. And I would argue a nice meal at home followed by a movie is also a date. That's what Ed and I are doing tomorrow night. :)

    1. Yes that's true! but since we often take movienights at home we want to do something more special when we call it a date. :D

  6. the rose bouquet is very like the one i carried in my wedding! sweet :)