Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why did men stop wearing high heels?

Many people believe that men and women are so different to the point that, we women for example cannot LIVE without things like makeup, the color pink and high heels because it's traits that we are born to like.

Those people couldn't be more wrong and I hate the fact there are many things we are supposed to like and wear because we are a specifik gender.

I found a very interesting article about it.
Because men are certainly not born with a hate for some clothes and neither are women born with a wish to wear those clothes.

So this is an article about when men used to wear high heels:


  1. When I saw the title of your entry, "Why did men stop wearing high heels?" the first answer that came to my mind was "Because women started to".
    And by reading the article I found out that I was right.
    Whatever men refuse to do with their appearance, they do it because they feel like it would sissify them. Being akin to a woman has always been perceived as degrading, and this is no exception.

    1. It's awful and I hope it will change! Being feminine should be something everyone can choose to be if they want too, and not something to look down on.

  2. Jag önskar att alla människor som hävdar att "x är för flickor och y för pojkar" läste artiklar som den där. De borde ta en titt på historien och inse att könsroller förändras över tid. På 1700-talet var ju det finaste en riktigt karlakarl kunde klä sig i lockig peruk med rosett, puder, spets och klackskor.

    1. Ja verkligen, jag förstår inte alls hur folk kan tro att det alltid har varit så som det är nu..