Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dreamlife in 11 pictures

One of my favorite bloggers wrote a post about her dreamlife in 11 images. She asked her readers how our dream life looks like, and oh yes .. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

In my perfect world I would marry this man and live happily ever after. So I guess I'm getting there :'D

I wanna have lots and lots of cats! And since I right now have two I only have 13 to go, oh yeah!

Me and my husband to be wants our own gothic mansion. Mattias will have built a robot that cleans it.

The house will look something like this inside!

A huge library at home, that would definitly be a part of my dreamlife.

What would a perfect house be without a cinemaroom? 

We will of course have our own awesome garden with looots of vegetables!

And of course, hens! I want hens because they are so cute and they will give me eggs.

My sister will live close to me, (or maybe even in my house since it's my perfect world) and yes please, she will bring that cake to me.

And this is how cool we will look in our mansion when we get older.
And since we already look very cool I have no doubt that will happen. ;)

My last wish, which is very important, is to live close to a forest. To have fresh air and be able to take long walks there. 

End of challenge.


  1. So you want them in a basket, and you want little bow ties? ;D Hmm, if you don't mind I could participate in the challenge, too.

    You're going to be one of the cutest grannies ever.

    1. I would love if you did this challenge :D it's exciting to see how other peoples dreamlife would look like!

  2. It all sounds pretty perfect! I hope you have it all one day!

    1. Thank you :'D I will have to be very rich before though.

  3. To have that exact Gothic Mansion in that particular forest - wouldn't it be wonderful? Sigh... ;o)

  4. Ooh, en truly skoj challenge! :D På ren swengelska.
    Min dröm ser typ väldigt lik ut, fint hus, enorm trädgård med så mycket grönsaker och frukter att man hade kunnat överleva på det, hehe. Och så djur. Och skog intill givetvis! En (eller 10) stor orörd, gammal skog :) *dreaming*

  5. Ooooh I think I may have to borrow this if that's okay!