Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Miracle ring

I read on a blog about a little miracle the blogger had experienced, and then I got the idea to tell a story about a ring I own. :)
For a person who is not a christian, it may seem excessive, but I'm not making this up.

I got this ring from my older sister, she had it on as long as I can remember when we grew up.
I loved it from the first moment, in all its simplicity. It has always been a bit too big for my small fingers though, so unfortunately, one day 4 years after I've got the ring, I accidentally dropped it in a trash bag when I was doing the dishes. I didn't realize it before someone already went out with the garbage.
I was so sad, I thought about it all the time and even though it felt superridiculous I decided after a few days to pray to God and asked for the ring back. I thought to myself that if this happened, I would never ever doubt his existence.

A week later I went out to the playground outside our house to the swings, before I even came up to them I saw something shining in the sun on my favourite swing. Imagine my surprise when I saw my ring!
I was completely overwhelmed and happy. Truly a miracle to me.

That was 10 years ago and since then I have never doubted that God exists. It feels like he gave me a evidence.

Maybe someday I'll write a post about my faith. :)


  1. :o
    Hade detta hänt mig så hade jag inte heller tvekat en sekund på att gud finns.
    Själv vet jag inte vad jag ska tro... men jag vet att det finns något "mer" där ute.
    Hittade en väldigt lättläst bibel men BILDER(!), tänkte köpa den och läsa, men sen när jag väl har en bok hemma så är det inte kul längre, haha.. motivation, motivation.
    Det jag är mest intresserad av är ju hela den där Jesus-biten. Står där allt om det i Bibeln? Antar bara att du läst den :D

    1. Ja det kan vara en bra idé att börja med något lättläst om du är nyfiken, storyn är ju densamma men du slipper det tunga dravlet, haha. jag har läst hela nya testamentet men ärligt talat orkade jag inte läsa hela gamla testamentet. Jag tyckte det var så hemskt och tungt och Gud blir ju framställd som en riktig onding! Jag ska skriva ett inlägg om det här sen och förklara bättre varför jag ogillar gamla testamentet också, haha! Jesus är bäst :D

    2. Haha, ok then!
      Looking forward to it! ;)

  2. Jag råkade ut för en liknande sak. Jag fick en ring från min mamma. Bara den ständigt tills jag tappade bort den. Tänkte inte mer på det tills ringen dök upp-bara några månader innan mamma gick bort. Efter det bar jag den varje dag i två år.

    1. Åh vad coolt :D man undrar ju verkligen hur de hittade sin väg tillbaka.

  3. I would really like to read a post about faith. It's so encouraging to know that there's still people who still have faith in anything good. I'm not completely sure about my own religious views, usually when asked I say that I'm an atheist. Still I'm confident there are such things as guidance and protection from powers that can be named in different ways. I wouldn't survive if I didn't believe in goodness.
    And that story of yours is beautiful. Sounds like someone heard you. :)

    1. I'm happy to hear that, that gives me motivation to actually write it xD

      I understand that beliving in God is not for everyone, it's not something to be forced into, but I'm glad to know that you have find some belief that makes your life easier. I think that religion should be something good, overall. Sadly that's not how the world looks like right know :/