Sunday, March 3, 2013

No Poo: Hair update

Whoppidoo, I realized I haven't updated about this in a whole month!
Firstly, I wanna say that I ignored my own plan to start washing my hair with honey because I found a soap called Aleppo.

It's a soap made in Syria consisting solely of olive oil and black seed oil, all I heard from those who have tried it say it's pure magic, so I gave it a try.
Yes it is magical.
My scalp is hereby, after 3 weeks washing with this soap not flaky anymore! I wash my hair once a week and my hair is never even greasy.
After every hairwash I rinse it with cold rosemary water (I boil some rosemary in water and let it cool down) which makes my hair smell like pineneedles and I loooove it! :D 

Best decision ever to start with the Aleppo soap.
It was a bit tricky at first to get it to foam, but I rub it against my scalp, splashing some water with the shower and then it's pretty easy.

I even have the feeling that my hair grows faster but it can also be my imagination because I want it so much xD


  1. Inte konstigt du känner att det har blivit långt, det HAR växt som tusan :D Syns långa vägar!
    Var får man tag på den tvålen? :O Vill också testa! Mitt hår blir fortfarande fett snabbt, men det är väl kanske för att jag tvättar det minst 5 ggr i veckan -.-

    1. Oh nice, då är det inte bara inbillning :D den där rosmarinsköljen ska vara bra för hårväxt så det kanske är den, eller så mår mitt hår helt enkelt bra av att jag inte håller på och och färgar.

      Jag köpte min aleppotvål av en kompis för 30 kr men annars kan man beställa här också

  2. Thank you for your report. I asked the shop assistant in a shop for natural cosmetics if she can advise me to use it. She said that many customers report, that it greases the hair very well. Well, I already have very greasy hair, so I didn't try it (but I have the soap at home for my skin), instead I chose to go for Rhassoul powder. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it will work. If not, you gave me hope to try the Aleppo soap after all. Originally I searched for solid shampoo, like a soap bar (I bought such in France), because I hate all those plastic bottles in the shower.
    Speaking of France: There I talked to an elderly man who sold Aleppo soap and the like on the market, he came from Syria. He told me that all the workshops in Aleppo were destroyed in the war, so it is not sure what will become of the Aleppo soap in the next years (it has to be stored a certain amount of time, so now we are still buying the soap produced before the destruction).

    1. I have recently bought some Rhassoul mud for my boyfriend so he can use it for shaving. :D but I know people who washes their hair with it.

      Oh no, that doesn't sound good! I haven't heard of that :O

  3. Ah I was just about to write a post about hair care and growth =)
    This bar shampoo sounds great! I might have to give it a try!

    When I post my article I will link back to your recommendation; shampoo is one thing I lack in recommendations because I am trying to get away from my regular stuff.

    1. I always like reading tips from people who actually have long hair so I look forward to your post :D

  4. Åh tack för tipset. Nu blev jag sugen på att börja tillverka tvål igen :) Jag ska prova med den (jättegamla) tvål jag har kvar. Har också en sambo som håller på att klia av sig håret.
    Ditt hår ser mycket längre ut!
    Vet du jag köpte en svinborste i fredags och den är jätteskön att borsta med. Den borstar bort allt damm som håret samlar på sig också :)

    1. Jag skulle också vilja göra egen tvål nångång :D

      Åh vad bra att du gillar den! Ja jag blev faktiskt lite chockad över hur mycket damm man har i håret de första gångerna jag använde den! ^^