Friday, March 22, 2013

Random update

The days I'm working I'm so tired when I get home so my blog suffers. 
I thought I just do a random update about my week. :)

I got a coupon for a free chocolate mousse. It was delicious!
It will be perfect in a cake I'm making for a birthday today. 

My cat ears arrived. They might just be the most uncomfortable thing I have put on my head in my entire life. I really dont know how to solve that :(

What I'm addicted to at the moment.. xD Why is it so much fun! 

I'm making a cake today for boyfriend's dad,  and this is a tractor I made yesterday for it, haha. 
I followed this tutorial:
Mine looks like a wreck! Oh well, I guess it based on real life events since his tractor is in pretty bad shape as well. ;) 


  1. So you're into cake design :D? That tractor's really nice XD I'm sure he'll appreciated even if it isn't flawless!

    1. Yes I actually are an educated baker/pastrychef, I graduated 1 year ago ^^ I love making cakes but marzipanfigures are not my strong side so to say, haha! It's actually a little embarrassing when I compare myself with others who are self-taught.:'D oh well.

    2. All this reminded me of my boyfriend's sister in law, who is a master in cake design and she didn't even take courses; she learnt on her own (before tv was full of programs like Cake Boss with Buddy or stuff like that XD). She went to an artistic high school, that probably explains why she's so good at doing this kind of things. Actually those who are really good in cake design have studied art in their past, that's why they can do wonders with marzipan :D

    3. Oh well, that doesn't seem to work for everyone because I was in artclass for 3 years in high school and even got the highest grade possible in sculpture but marzipan..still a nightmare for me :'D

  2. I think the cake is adorable, and I'm sure your soon-to-be father-in-law is going to love it, whether you think it looks like a wreck or not! Especially if his looks exactly the same!! LOL

    Too bad about the cat ears, though ... :o(

    Job still going well?

    1. Thank you so much! That's not the cake though, just a decoration, I might upload a picture of the cake tomorrow. ^^

      Yes I'm thinking about if I can put some cotton or something on the place where they hurt. :S

      The job is going really well! :D Thank you for asking!

    2. Oh for heaven's sake - I thought it was the whole cake! Still cute though! :P

  3. Kul att du du gillade beskrivningen på traktorn! Tycker du gjorde bra ifrån dig! :)