Sunday, March 24, 2013


It was a long time since I did an update on our weddingplans. :)
We have discussed a bit about where we can cut down on the costs as I do not directly make a huge amount of money of my half-time job, and my boyfriend is studying.

So one thing we have decided is that I will make the cake!
First, we asked a girl who went to the same pastry chef training as me, because she is really super amazingly good, but we decided that we will save a lot of money if I make it and I'm really excited about it actually!

We basically already decided that it will be black with red roses, but I will do some test cakes so we can decide what sort of mousses we want in it.

We have been looking on a lot of pictures, and this is the one we love most so far so this will be my inspiration.


  1. Fan vad cool, rent ut sagt xD haha
    "Cool" är väl ett ganska uttjatat och nördigt uttryck idag, men det passar fortfarande skitbra in då och då! :D
    Paret uppe på tårtan ser lagom evul ut också :D
    Och vad kul att du ska göra den! Kan inte bli mer personligt och awesome än så! :):)

    1. Haha :D
      Ja jag hoppas att jag inte kommer ångra det sen bara med all bröllopsstress.

  2. Wow! It's awesome! Will you also make the red roses or will you put actual flowers there?
    I guess it's going to be challenging, doing those skeleton broom&bride. I'm sure it will come out beautiful :D (and delicious, too)

    1. I think we will use real roses instead actually ^^
      And we have already decided on a caketopper to buy and it's made of porslin so I dont have to make one :'D

  3. Gah! Perfect cake! So awesome! Are you going to make the groom and bride or find somewhere you can buy it? They remind me a bit of Mexican Day of the Dead figures, maybe you could get some of those cheaply? I have seen couple ones!

    1. Yes, I thought so too! I hope mine turn out as pretty!

      No I won't make them, there are so many nice (non-eatable) skeleton caketoppers to choose from so :D