Sunday, April 14, 2013

Assignment update 2

This is day 7 of my 14 days without sugar.
I'm going to write an evaluation.
I personally think it's been good so far. I have several times in my life tried to cut down on the sugar, but usually I give up after 1-2 days.
I have been wanting candy A LOT this week. But I'm happy to tell you that coca-cola isn't whats on my mind like it always was before.  :D What I mostly think about is donuts oddly enough, haha! 
This brain is weird.

However, I have "cheated" twice! WAAAAH!
The first day was on Wednesday, when it was a colleague's birthday and she brought pastrys from her homeland called Baklava, then I was too curious not to take a bite!  (I'm a pastry cook/baker, hellooo, I need to know my stuff ;D)
The second day was on Friday when I ate a little white chocolate candy, haha!
It was pure instinct, I ate it and then I realized that I should not eat candy.

The biggest problem is not my sweet tooth though, frozen fruit and some nuts works very well, but I already miss baking! I looooove baking pastrys, buns and such!

So, one week to go now!
I think this is a good experience, hopefully my body will be craving less sugar when I'm done. 


  1. It is hard, hang in there. Some people reckon when they eat less/ no sugar, they have less mood swings and feel better. I know since I gave up coke it tastes like poison to me and I can't drink it! Once the addiction fades, you wonder why you liked it! Drink lots of water instead, it's very refreshing!

    And yes, the occasional treat is nice, it feels awful if everyone is having cake and you aren't. But be careful it doesn't tempt you to have it everyday! That's the hardest thing I find while trying to avoid junk food!

    1. I haven't noticed any difference in my mood actually, which has surprised me! O.o And my boyfriend says that he thinks this challenge is unnecessary because he feels that I eat very little sweets compared to other people the knows, haha!

      Before I used to have one glass of coke almost every day but I stopped drinking coca-cola 3 weeks ago already, so it's possible that my body already is less sugar addicted than I thought because of that I don't know :D

  2. Of course you had to have the baklava! And isn't it funny how you ate that chocolate without even realizing it until afterwards! I think we put so many things into our mouths without even thinking about it, that if nothing else, this two weeks will make you more mindful of what you're eating. Which, in my case, would be a very good thing! :D

    1. Indeed, if it had been something I had tried before I think I've could have skipped it but this was way too exciting :D

      I know I think I have eaten a lot of candy in my life just to have something to chew on or without thinking, and I also belivie you are right. After this I (hope) I will value the candy I eat and only eat stuff I really really want!

  3. I tried a detox-week some weeks ago, so I wasn't allowed to eat sugar for five days as well. It was hard (but not so hard as the lack of caffeine), but I managed it. Congratulations that you are already half through! It helped me really much to realize how much sugar I was eating and how often. So the lesson I learned wasn't only to detox my body, but to eat more consciously, to realize those moments when you eat sugar even if you don't want to (like you when eating the white chocolate). Only after a few days I realized that my dried figs had been powdered with icing sugar, so I had been eating sugar all the time without knowing it. But hey, that's live.
    And you say that you miss baking: Can't you bake some savoury things? Bread or salted pastry, maybe even as a proper meal? I love freshly baked focaccia with herbs or cheese fillings.
    I wish you all the best for the remaining days!

    1. Yes, to eat more consciously is really something I need to learn to and I hope these weeks will help me with that. :)
      Oh how irritating that they put sugar on dried fruit and everything! I have tried to dry bananas and apple myself without the sugar at home but sadly failed!

      We never buy bread from the store, I always bake the bread we eat, but right now I miss making cakes and stuff but I think that also is because I really would like to eat some cake, haha.

      I must say though that since I started to think healthier it's much more fun to make dinner! It's like a challenge.

      Thank you, your comment is very inspiring!