Monday, April 1, 2013


I started watching a new TV serie this weekend called Rita Rocks. And it is good. Mostly...

I just finished an episode where Rita's husband are bullied by his best friends because he was crying watching a sad movie.
They think he is unmanly, ridiculous and laughs at him through the whoooole episode because he is soooo feminine.
What disgusts me more than to hear the audience laugh at this womenhate this episode demonstrates, is that this is something ordinary.
Men showing their emotions is being laughed at. The general opinion is that women show too much emotion.
I can't belivie that they are not seing what is obvious here, that people are looking down on women. That it is embarrassing and ridiculous to act like a woman.
And it's misogyny, which is another word for sexual discrimination.


  1. Ah men åh... jag skrev en lång kommentar, kom åt pekplattan och vips så var kommentaren borta! Nu orkar jag inte skriva om den men kortfattat så var det jag ville säga att jag håller med dig och att det vore bättre om människor bara fick vara människor och vi släppte hela grejen med kvinnligt och manligt.

  2. Of course it is misogyny. They're laughing at him because he's acting like a woman, he's doing something that women are supposed to do.
    And they may not laugh at us when we are "overemotional", because that's how we're supposed to behave, but they find a way to discriminate us and our emotions when they state that we are not fit for positions of power because of us being always so overemotional. They want us to be like that (and that's why they keep on portraying us as always overreacting to everything) because that's their excuse to keep us "at our place". That's why it is APPARENTLY accepted on women: it's their weapon against us, and they're using it in the most subtle way.