Monday, April 15, 2013

No Poo: Hairupdate

I'm trying to update once every month :)

Yesterday I took the decision to stop using the Aleppo-soap for a while because my scalp is very dry again. I have been asking a lot of Noo Poo experts and have found out that it can be an infection called Malasezzia which means I have been treating it wrong. Malasezzia should not be fed with oils, it just get worse then.

I have booked an appointment with a doctor in two weeks because I really want to know what this is now, so I can treat it right. It's not fun to constantly walk around with white flakes in my hair.
So until then I will wash my hair with eggs and honey instead. 
Hopefully I can treat it in a No Poo way because I never want to go back to schampo again, my hair is soft and thick nowadays thanks to No Poo. 

Also, 3 weeks ago I tried Rasul mud because many people like that as schampoo. I didn't. xD

My hair was completely electric by the mud, unable to handle for a whole week!

My boyfriend's hair was not at all electric from it so it seems to depend on what hair type you have.


  1. Ja, det finns ju namn på alla "åkommor" nu för tiden. ^^ Hoppas du får den hjälp du behöver och att det löser sig! Konstigt att något som orsakar torr hud kan bli sämre av oljor... really weird! :D Och JA! Hoppas det kan lösas med no poo, fifan för läkemedel, så jäkla många bieffekter på allt! Haha

    Ditt här ser fint ut btw! *pats* :D

    1. Ditt *HÅR*! Pfft, det är helt klart fel på tangentbordet! xD

    2. Ja jag är jätterädd att de ska titta på min hårbotten och bah: det är inge fel på dig du, hejdå. xD

      Tack :D Jag har klippt i det lite, hähä.

  2. Thank you for your update! I started washing with Rhassoul Powder on Monday, but I wanted to give my hair some time to get used to it before I wanted to tell you about my impressions. I am sorry that it didn't work for you, it didn't for me, either. My hair is not electric, but it feels terrible greasy, I have serious difficulties to brush it. After some searching in the internet I read that you have to do a sour rinse to smoothen the hair again (I used a spoonful of vinagar on 1 litre water), but if your skin is already that sensitive, I wouldn't try it in your case. And I also read that there can be problems when having dyed hair, so this may be the cause of my problems. I don't know if you have still some remaining artificial colour in your hair?
    But I made the same decision as you did, I won't use it as shampoo anymore, I don't feel comfortable at all with this method (and it takes so long, five minutes to soak in and forever to wash it out again, not to forget that terrible smelling rinse of cold water, no thanks). I will use the rest of the bottle for my face, it seems to work very well on that one.
    Next thing I will try is a soap bar I bought at the market some weeks ago, it is black because it has ash in it (very gothic^^). But I think this will be to close to conventional shampoo for you? And afterwards I will try Aleppo soap, but it is good to know that there can be some serious difficulties as well, thank you for telling.
    I am so sorry for you that your skin is causing so much problems, even with such 'natural' alternatives, I hope that they will go away and that you will find a perfect solution for you very soon!

    1. Hi when washing the hair in a No Poo way you always have to use a sour coldwash afterwards. (even with aleppo)I used apple vinegar at first but now I have been using rosemarinwater instead because it smells so good and helps the hair grow.

      It's a possibility that the mud reacted weirdly because I have some dye left in my hair as well but my boyfriend has even more in his and that worked out fine for him!? How complicated, so it might just be that our hairtypes are wrong for it. O.o

      I also use the mud on my face as a mask and also as "showergel" sometimes. The bathtub doesn't look pretty afterwards, haha!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me! :D
      Many No Poo-ers uses soapbars actually, it's just depending on the ingredients. How nice that you found a black soap!