Thursday, April 11, 2013

That hair

I'm very tired of my hair right now, but goddammit I will have long curly hair on my wedding and that's it so cut, it I will not do that! 
Sandra Winterzmoon suggested I dye it, but I don't want to destroy the saving of my real haircolor, I'm so curious!  
So I decided to just add some color but let most of the hair be as it is.

I used a color called Poppy Red, but it turned out rather pink.

I approve!

My hair has a lot of shades!

I admit, I'm addicted to have something new going on with my hair, does anyone else have that addiction? ;)
(Also, I found out that The Directions and Manic Panic dyes are the best dyes to use if you are a Noo Poo-er)


  1. :D Blev ju jättesnyggt! Japp, jag läste också det häromdan, de mesta i de färgerna är naturliga ingredienser. Och de tvättas ur, vilket är bra för din naturliga hårfärg, win - win! :D

    Jag är också trött på mitt hår, eller mest färgen... för fattig för att köpa blekning, buhu, Jäkla massa hår = jäkla massa förpackningar! xD Haha

    Btw, har du hårfärg hemma på lager eller? ;P Eller det är sånadär burkar man kan återsluta igen?

    1. Preciiis, allt det gröna har ju blivit urtvättat hela nyligen så nu börjar jag om, haha xD

      Ja du har ju så långt hår så det blir ju dyrt. Stor nackdel med långt hår, det var mycket billigare att ha kort hår när jag ville byta färg.

      Jag har faktiskt en hel del färger på lager, haha, in case of emergency you knooow ;) det är ju bra med Directions som har ett lock att skruva på bara!

  2. Sometimes I get sick of my hair and cut it all off and then REALLY regret it, at the moment I am on a no cutting time, I have decided to remember I look awful (like a boy!!!) with short hair, and that I want it long. I want it waist length at least, you can do many more styles! I also have to remember that bleaching isn't too good for it, so no dyes, as much as I see people with coloured hair and want it! Too much of my hair falls out!

    I really love curly hair, I wish I had ringlet curls, but I don't. I am jealous of those lucky few that naturally have them. Sometimes I plait my hair at night and I get waves/ crimps.

    1. Same here, after a few weeks with short hair I always start to save my hair again, and now I have been saving since 2010 for the wedding so it would be ashame if I cut it off.

      And you are so good at doing pretty and cool hairstyles (I wish you could live in my home and do my hair everyday ;D) so long hair is really the thing for you!

      I hate bleaching to so I always try to dye with colour that doesn't require bleaching, this pink one didn't really stick on my roots because my real haircolor is now darker than it last time I saw it.

      Me too, curly hair is the prettiest. One always wants what we dont have, people with curly hair hate their hair :'D

  3. So eventually you got the Ruby hairstyle :D! You look good. That is a very beautiful shade of red!

    1. Yes almost :D I think it will look better the more brown my hair gets! Thank you!