Friday, June 14, 2013

No Poo: Hair and faceupdate

Long time no hairupdate. So this will be a loooong one.

In the beginning of May I was to the doctor to get some help with my flaky and itching scalp, because the No Poo ways I tried didn't work out, I thought it was worth a try asking a real doctor, so I started using what the doctor gave me, which was this:

2 weeks after I started using these two I went on a larp. I used the green makeup all over my face there and already on the second day of larp my forehead was covered with pimples! I thought it was acne because of the makeup of course and started using No Poo tricks to get rid of pimples. (Honey, bakingsoda and aspirinmask) The pimples did not disappear, it just got worse. 
Last Sunday, it had been like this for a month and I had also started to get pimples on my shoulders and the rest of my face: 

I decided to ignore the No Poo and go to the pharmacy and ask for advice instead. The staff at the pharmacy said that this is not pimples, it's eczema!! So me and darling wondered all night what it could be, was I allergic to something and realized then that this problem started shortly after I begun using the creams for my scalp!
I read the package leaflet and there it was indeed: common side effects: acne and dermatitis on the body.

So I stopped directly using the products and instead of drying out the skin I applied jojoba oil every night and already a few days later, the eczema have disappeared very much!

I'd rather continue with the no poo now than all the yucky stuff with sideeffects so today I tried for the first time to wash my hair with birchleafes, it will apparently be awesome for psoriasis on the scalp!
So goodbye to the weird shampoo the doctor prescribed that only have dried out my hair the past two months, and welcome to my new shampoo made ​​of birchleafes!

I'm hoping for good results on this ^^
Update will come after a few weeks.

How to make the shampoo:

about 3 cups - 5 cups cold water (cold water extract the cleansing saponins better than hot)
2 handfuls birch leaves

Add the birch leaves in a large jar with a lid.

Pour the cold water over the leaves and let it stand for about half an hour. Put on the lid and shake until it starts foaming.

Strain the leaves in a colander and use the water.


  1. Ugh, jag hatar mediciner och all annan skit som läkare rekommenderar. Antingen får man ingen hjälp alls, eller så proppar de en full av knark, haha.

    Hoppas det blir bra av detta istället! :) Tack för receptet, ska testas inom snar framtid!

    1. Ja, det är faktiskt så tyvärr. :(
      Jag har laddat ner en pdf med olika örter så jag har tänkt prova vad det finns för naturliga alternativ istället för att ta piller mot mensvärk också, haha :D

  2. Ohh... I hope your no poo methods will really help.
    The birch tree shampoo sounds wonderful! I am sure it will make things right for your skin.
    Have a nice week ahead, Sabina!

    1. I hope that too!

      It really is and it smells so good, I love waching my hair with natures products <3

  3. Åbrodd är bra mot mensvärk ;) kramplösande...
    Åh tack för tipset om björkschampot. Jag har läst någonstans att björklöv innehåller saponiner men inte att det räckte med kallvatten för att få ut det. Perfekt. Jag har några björkar att såga ner så då får jag testa detta.

    1. Åh jaså :D då ska jag leta efter såna ute på landet i sommar, haha! Kokar man te på dem?

      Jag fick även tips om att man ska plocka björklöven före midsommar för då innehåller de mycket mycket mer sapoiner!