Monday, January 20, 2014

Wedding; Part 2, The weddingceremony

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Around here I think we are starting to realize that we are getting married xD

Our little flowergirl wasn't so sure over what her assignment was :'D

When the music started, I wasn't even nervous then. I thought it was fantastic with the traditional "here comes the bride" and I could hear whispers from the guests about how great we looked! ^^

When we arrived to the priest, I became nervous when I realized that I actually have to talk too xD
As a christian, I am very sensitive to the beautiful lyrics and writing about God, and I fought against crying long and hard the whole time.

You better say "I do" or else ;)

Tears from happiness :D

When we said our vows, which we had changed from "until death do us part" to "far longer than forever", my voice broke and I started to cry!

Two songs was played during the ceremony :) This one:
  and this

The song that was playing while walking out from the church was a pianoversion of Melodies of Life from Final Fantasy 9. 

We have a looot of hugpictures! 

Yay, happily ever after :D

The ceremony was such a wonderful experience, one of the best days in my life.

Next part I will do a separate entry with the more "fancy session photos" the photographer took outside the church. 

All pictures are taken and edited by Andrea Karlsson.


  1. AWWWW! How utterly gorgeous you both look! :) And that church is simply beautiful!

  2. Åh så fint :) Blev nästan lite fuktig i ögonen. Så fint med "For longer than forever". Sista bilden skulle bli ett jättefint tackkort till de som kom.

  3. Perfect Gothic Church + Perfect Gothic Couple = Perfect Gothic Wedding! You guys look fantastic, and so do all your guests! :D

  4. You two look phenomenal!
    Oh, I am so excited for you two! May your life be continually filled with happiness and romance ;D

  5. Amazing! I love the trees in the church. You and Mattias look so happy! Wish I was there! Even my boyfriend came over to have a look at your photos!

  6. Jättefina bilder och jättefint bröllop :) Log då du skrev om att du först i kyrkan insåg att ni verkligen skulle gifta er, hade precis samma på det sättet att när musiken började o jag o pappa skulle börja gå in i kyrkan så kom insikten o steget över tröskeln till kyrkan var nog det mest nervösa steg jag tog under hela dagen :)

    Väntar ivrigt på att få se del 3 :D

  7. I love the matching skeleton shoes, and the little flower girl in black lace! I love the cape! You guys look so happy!

  8. Åh, underbart att få ta del av erat bröllop så här. På dessa bilder kan man verkligen se vilken fantastisk håruppsättning du fick, du har så tjockt hår! Årets vackraste brudpar <3

  9. Lovely photos! Congratulations to the two of you.

  10. OMG, such adorable photos! Everything seems to be just perfect, the church, the colors, you, of course and Melodies of Life must have sounded amazing on the piano...Btw, I've just noticed the maching fabrics of your outfits...:D

  11. What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations, dear! :)