Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last week of vacation

On monday I start working again! The vacation was obviously too short ;) 

Earlier this week I was with my sister and looked at apartments. She has been accepted to an education here so she will move, I'm insanely happy to finally be living in the same town again, it feels like a dream so I'm afraid I'll wake up and she's not moving here! 

This wednesday, I was at the beach all day, strangely enough! Andrea and I have planned a beach photosession for so long. 

It was a good day with lots of laughter. The pictures will come later. :) (I also managed to avoid sunburn, puh)

Tomorrow me and my husband are going to the cinema to see How to train Your Dragon 2, finally! 

I would also like to recommend three favorites that I tried recently! 
Lately I've really been lucky with my Lush orders! Everything has been so good! 
There's no limit to how much I love that store. 

A massage oil in solid form, it smells wonderful like oranges. Got information that it can be used as a hair mask as well now I have tried it and it was fantastic! I'm clearly addicted to hairconditioners, love how my hair feels afterwards!

A conditioner that smells like rosemary and lemon and makes your hair so so soft! This morning I awoke to the wonderful smell because Mattias washed his hair yesterday and I just lay there enjoying it, haha! 

I think it was 2 years ago now since I stopped using deodorant. Sometimes I use my home-made with coconut oil,  however, it may be a bit too sweaty now in the summer without deodorant so I bought this which is really a kind of talc for the body, but it also works excellently as a deodorant. it also works great as dryschampoo, I could not be happier with this product. ^.^


  1. Tack för Lush-tipsen om each peach som hårmask och silky underwear som deo. Jag tipsar om viccy magic muscles-massageolja som är bra mot trötta muskler. Jag köpte till sambon och vi gillar den verkligen båda två.

  2. I am so glad for you that you will soon be close to your sister again!

  3. What a lovely bathing suit *_*! It's sooo pin-up. Also, I love how you revisited trends (a-line skirt, crop top) in a new-goth kind of way. Nice skirt by the way :D

    1. Thanks, yes that's why I love it, pin-up bathing suits often covers up enough to feel comfortable in :D

  4. Funkar det bra utan deo? Jag tycker att jag behöver den särskilt en gång i månaden ;) annars svettas jag inte så mycket. Har funderat på att göra sån där egen av cocosolja.
    Din baddräkt är så fin, du passar jättebra i den :)

    1. Ja jag tycker det funkar bra, det tog 2-3 månader för kroppen att vänja sig dock :P svettas ut allt på nåt vis ;)

      Tack :D