Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summeroutfit and frappuccino!

Hi! The last few days I have been playing on our organ/piano a lot :D It's so much fun!
It was more than 6 months since we brought it home (for free!) because a person in our neighborhood didn't wan't it anymore. I used to play keyboard as a child but just for fun from time to time.

So right now I'm practising Tale as old as time, because it's an easy enough song to start with. ^^
Do any of you play any instrument?

Saturday we visited Mattias syster and her boyfriend and had a Settler game night! 
This was my outfit:

So because Settler is such a fun boardgame, and Mattias always have wanted Risk I want ahead and bought these two games today!
I LOVE boardgames. I have such a long wishlist.

Thought I give you a fabulous summerdrink recipe! 
I made a Caramel Frappucino today:
- Some crushed ice 
- 3 tablespoons cold cappuccino
- 2 tablespoons caramel sauce 
- 2 dl (or 1 cup) soymilk 

And mix everything together :D


  1. I play the guitar...well, at least I used to, it's been ages...:)
    I also like to play board games. Now not so much, but we used to gather and play board games with our friends in Belgium while we were still living there. Risk usually takes way too long, so not too many people feel up to it unless we announce, that it's a 'Risk night' and Monopoly is not allowed...:P But Catan is a nice game, my brother, his girlfriend and I used to play it a lot. Now we turned to Carcassone; it's kinda similar to Catan, so if you like one, you might like the other too. ^^

    Caramel sauce? We don't have that here...:/ Do you think the recipe would work with flavored condensed milk? I hope it's called condensed milk...:D

    1. Haha, I also own a guitar, but that instrument is waaaay more difficult than piano I must say!

      Oh no, let's see how long we will have to stay up tonight then since we are planning on playing Risk after dinner xD

      I will look up Carcassone :D

      Yes, that might work :D Worth a try?!

  2. Really nice piano, and you were lucky to have it for free ;) Does it sounds great ? (it looks old, and maybe he needs to be tuned)
    I used to play the piano too, when I was a child and a teenager.
    And I have to say : I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE your outfit !! ♥♥♥

    I also love playing at boardgames with my friends :)

    1. I know right! :'D
      I don't really know what to compare with, I think it sounds good. ^^

      Thank you! :D

  3. I love boardgames as well. The only person I know who also enjoys boardgames is my boyfriend though, so that rules out quite a lot of games for us, because there are plenty of games you have to play with three players or even more. We're quite fond of playing Carcasonne and Monopoly though :3

    1. That is troublesome, I think we have the same problem. :<

  4. I love all your home decor! I am having another try at some decorating, you will see the results if it is successful!

    I love the triangly Gothic faery skirt! I need more skirts like that!

    1. Thank you! :D Yes, please show when you are done.

      Me too, I really like unsymmetric skirts.

  5. Men vilken fin orgel!! Min farmor hade faktiskt en exakt likadan men hon hade målat den vit, så det tog ett tag innan jag såg det.

  6. Vilken vacker orgel =) En sådan ska stå och bli spelad på i ett goth-hem =)

    Brädspel är kul. Har du spelat Carcassone? Det är väldigt roligt.

    1. Precis :D

      Nej det har jag aldrig provat men Lynoire tipsade också om det så jag ska prova om jag får tillfälle nångång ^^

  7. Med ljushållare? Awesome! Har jag aldrig sett. :D Tycker det är en snygg möbel, men spelar inte.
    Nej fy, jag har aldrig ens provat sjunga i duschen... speglarna hade spruckit och hundarna ylat.

    Det där lät gott! Do want. Men får första skaffa en fungerande frys. :o

    1. Jag kan inte heller sjunga, men spela kan man ju göra ändå :D

  8. Vilket vackert piano! Och resten av er inredning :)