Monday, November 24, 2014


Was challenged by Tina. Very good because I needed some blog material, haha.

These are the questions in the blogvember challenge:

What is the best thing about blogging?
Being able to look back months later and see what I did. I have always thought that is the greatest joy of being active on the internet in general with images and text. I also like that I have so many blog readers who feels like friends even though we have never met!

What makes my blog special?
Tough question. My first plan was to write a goth blog. And I think that's how new readers finds me even though I am embarrassingly lazy with my look these days because of life and work. According to compliments I have been given people have said that my blog is easy to read and also interesting. <3

How does my blog look in a year?
Hopefully it is still alive! I very much hope to get better at using my systemcamera so I can upload better pictures, haha, I mostly use my phone now.

Which was my best post?
My post about makeup: LINK
I'm very pleased with it and got good response both here and on facebook.

What other blogs / bloggers inspire me?
Oh, there's probably quite a few! Both because they are smart, talented, strong women, and also because they look so cool and fierce! Lynoire, Laura, Sandra, Karin, Tina, Anna, Misantropia, Linnea , Violette , Shannon and so many more <3  I have a long reading list on my blog to check out. I would like to show my bloglovinlist as well but I couldn't figure out how to do that. Jonna Jinton is one of the coziest blogs in the world so if you haven't visited her blog you should.

Thanks for the challenge!
My mission is to choose 3 bloggers to keep the challenge alive.
I choose: Laura, Winterzmoon  and CrimsonAnna


  1. Tack för utmaningen =) Vill du att jag gör den på svenska eller engelska?

  2. Oooh thanks for taggin me! I shall do it!

  3. Yay! <3 Tänkte det var dags att skriva av mig lite snart, så då har jag också lite skrivmaterial. :P

    1. Wohoo :D bra med utmaningar när man har slut på ideér! xD