Thursday, November 27, 2014

November's Homework Assignment

I have missed being a part of Professor Z' monthly assignment, and I'm sorry that have I have skipped so many homeworks ;) Guess I will have to do a splendid job this month to get an A!

So I decided to participate with my two furry babies since the assignment is "babies". :D

This is my first baby! I bought her from a lady in August 2007 :) I named her Luna after the cat in Sailor Moon. She is the sweetest cat I have ever met! Of the seven years she has lived with me, I think she has been "aggressive" against me maybe 2-3 times. She follows me everywhere at home, watch me when I make food, sleeps on my knees when I play onlinegames, only go out if I'm outside at the same time, and never leaves my side when I'm sick and laying in bed. She loves to be carried around the house and look around. And I love her gentle little kisses on my face <3 
I can not imagine a life without her, my faithful companion. I have never felt so loved by an animal in a way that Luna makes me feel, every single day.

This is my second baby! She is named Kira, from the anime Death Note :'D
Mattias father found her in a barn under the floor in August 2008. We had no plans to get another cat back then, but when I saw that little face and heard that sad mewing, I couldn't resist. I have heard a lot of that mewing these past years. When she is hungry: demanding mjaus! wanna go outside: LOUD mjaus! Can't find us because we switched rooms: crushing mjaus!
Whatever happens in Kiras life, there is a mjau for it! 
She is the opposite to Luna in everyway. She is playful with whatever she can find or steal, she get's angry if we touch her too long. She is a wild one who loves to run around, chasing Luna and takes every opportunity to give people intense wet kisses! Without Kira, a lot of excitement would go away. When I wake up, she is there to hit me in the face, (mostly she wakes me up before the alarm does) and I never know what item in the house that will be destroyed later on. ;) She is a wonderful and crazy cat who spreads a lot of joy and bleeding wounds, haha! 

I love my cats!
If Mattias let me, I would probably have at least 5 cats, haha!
But I guess 2 will do for now :D
Thanks for reading <3


  1. Aww your furbabies are so cute. I love their names :)

  2. Aaaaw! <3 Mina djur är också mina bebisar, vad skulle man gjort utan dem, usch, hemska tanke.
    Vakna av en b*tchslap i ansiktet, uppfriskade! ;D Haha
    De har väldigt passande namn!

    1. Ja, de finns alltid där för en <3

      Haha, det är faktiskt precis som bitchslaps!

  3. Wow, your cats are adorable! I spent last night and this morning with my friend's adorable little black kitten! I am a sucker for all animals!

    1. Me too, they are just too much cute animals in this world! I want to hug them all :'D

  4. Så fina =) Luna skulle kunna vara syster till min katt Lucifer. Lika svart och lika kelig =)

  5. Oh my word the cute! I love Kira's coloring :)

  6. AWWWW! So cute! :) Thanks so much for participating.