Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal

My husband and I have been watching the new Sailor Moon show, Sailor Moon Crystal. 
We have so far seen 5 episodes and I like it a lot! I'm not a big fan of anime at all, but Sailor Moon has been a favourite since I was a child and I'm so happy that this new wasn't a disappointment. :D

My favourite character still is Sailor Mars!

And Luna of course <3

Have you seen the new one yet or will you? :D


  1. Jag var nog lite för gammal när originalserien kom men trots det har jag ett bra Sailor Moon-minne. För när jag gick i Science Fiction-bokhandelns dräktparad i somras så spelade orkestern bl.a. signatur-melodin till originalserien medan vi tågade.

    1. Åh trevligt ^^ Du kanske kan prova att se den nya då!

  2. I'm a fan of the old series, but I haven't seen any episodes of the new one yet. I downloaded the first few, but it somehow slipped my mind...:) I'll get around to watch it sometime ^^

  3. I watch anime kind of a mix of genres, mostly dark like Hellsing or girly dark like Vampire Knight. I really do need to check this series out!