Saturday, December 13, 2014

10 years

December 14, 2004, I was 16 years old and fell in love with the person I now have loved for 10 years and got married a year ago, 13 December 2013.
Today we celebrate our first wedding anniversary and tomorrow we celebrate 10 years together, so I really would like to take the opportunity to tell you how we met. :)

In August 2004, I met a sweet and nerdy boy in our schools dining hall. He was sitting diagonally across from me and had the most beautiful blue eyes I've had ever seen. He was looking at me so intense that I became very shy. He asked me my name but I said it so quietly that he did not hear it. After that we didn't see each other for a while. Life went on, I had a boyfriend but it didn't work out, and I thought about the boy with the eyes from time to time. In my head his name was Stuart, haha.

The odds that we would run into each other again was not good because the buildings our programs were in was soooo far away from each other. Like, different sides of campus. At the end of November 2004  my best friend in the class fell in love with a person so she dragged me with her to where he studied. When we came in,  I recognized Mattias immediately. Lucky me, he was friends and classmates with the person my friend was into! :D  I still thought he was so cute so I was not going to lay low this time.  I immediately began to joke and "funmess" with him. He had a lot of Wheel of Time books on his workbench which I started to read aloud from with funny voices. I also made an attempt to sit on his lap, which he became quite frightened of. :'D
There was a risk that he would have thought I was insane for this but, but we started hanging out more and more! We  ate lunch together, met between classes and texted a lot. He was certainly the funniest guy I had ever met and I had never felt so comfortable in a boy's companion before. Just by looking at me, he made me feel special and beautiful.
There was a problem though.. there was another boy which I became friends with a few weeks earlier, and he had shown interest from the very beginning, I hated the thought of choosing because it would make one of them sad. So even though I knew who I wanted to be with , on December the 14th when I woke up, I decided to tell them both that I wouldn't start a "lovestory" with either of them.
So Mattias came to my home later that day because we would exchange christmaspresents before christmasbreak. My heart hurted, because I did not want to just be friends with him.
So my plan immediately went up in smoke. He was so lovely so I couldn't even bring it up. I really could not imagine being without this amazing person for one more day, so that night we had our first kiss and today I am still very very happy with my decision! <3

Far longer than forever!



  1. Congratulations to you, dear! I am always so glad about people in love! I do wish you a life of happiness together ♥

  2. Wow that is so sweet! It's a funny coincidence that my partner and I also met at school in 2004! It is so good that you did what your heart told you and picked him!

  3. Awwww what a nice story, I met my husband in High school too except we did not get along at all. We had a very polite disdain for each other. We would go out of our way to insult each other, some of them were funny too. A decade later, a mutual friend re-introduced us, except, he didnt give us names but insisted we chat on MSN (this is a little before videochatting became popular). We found out who the other person was after hours of chatting but we were so curious to meet our enemy that we went for coffee! We hit it off! We became close friends and a few months later, we started dating LOL

  4. Hurra och grattis till er på bomulls-bröllopsdagen.. Vilken fin historia.

  5. Congratulations! May you have many more happy years together.