Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A 2014 review

As always, I want to reflect about the year that has been.
This year proved to be very different from the year before, when 2013 came with a bag of glitter and chocolate one ould say that 2014 was like a bag of shit in some ways xD

In the beginning, I was very tired and shiftless. My anxietyattacks just raaaained over me. In March I went to see a doctor. As usual my bloodpressure was low, and he gave me better medicine for stomach which has helped a lot!
We were on our honeymoon in April which was cozy even though we both had a cold.

In May I fell in love with Roller Derby when I was on a training session for beginners but I realized that I unfortunately cannot afford it. :(
Time rolled on, for each month, I got more and more abdominal cramps as well and big problems with vomiting and such during my period. My whole summervacation was quite ruined because I was feeling so bad. But thanks to the awesome gynecologist I finally met I found out about endometriosis so I can finally get the right help and medicins.
During the year I have been on 2 larps which is awesome because I was not sure I could cope with the autumnlarp.
My sister moved here and it was probably the most amazing thing that happened this year :D

My panic attacks has decreased, and there's actually a positive thing even though it mostly means that I've had so much pain so my brain doesn't have time to reflect on how hard the other things in life are, haha!

This entry feels pretty depressing so I would also like to add that I have great hopes that 2015 will be a really good year. :) I already know that it will start well cause a close friend of mine from Skåne will move here to study and another close friend is moving back from London to Stockholm! <3
I have applied to a gospel choir because I miss singing gospel music so so much. I also want to workout more and currently I have my mind set on trying yoga.

Last year, I gave those New Year's resolutions:
- Try more raw food recipes
- Start practicing karate again and get the next belt!
- Travel to at least two Countries
- Give blood if I start to feel better
- Visit a spa (always wanted to do that)

I've tried some raw food, but it's probably not for me. When I'm hungry, I prefer hot food instead of the cold dishes :P and candy based on dates is not good!
I feel that I have really given up on karate, I dont miss it.
We traveled to Estonia and was supposed to visit my sister in Finland as well but no money for that.
Give blood, I was determined to do so I signed up and had to do some tests, then it turned out that my iron value is too low :( and now I have to wait 2 years before I get to try again.
I have not been to a spa! This new year's resolution will hang on.

My new ones for 2015

- Start singing in a choir again
- Work out at least one day a week
- Visit a spa
- Socialize more with friends

I know that for many people New Year's resolutions are a difficult and stressful thing, but for me it's the opposite, I feel excited and it's fun to have something to aim at :)

I hope 2014 has been good for everyone and that 2015 will be even better!

And this is how 2014 was for my hair ;) I do one of these every year.


  1. I am sorry to hear you had a rough year. I have anxiety too and I know what that is like. I am hopefull things will get better for you! I really like the hair transition thing, it is really cute

  2. Best wishes for 2015, glad you've found some decent medical support for endo, I'm also anaemic for similar reasons and it really does wipe you out.

    Think I need to sing more in 2015, always makes me happier :)

    1. Yees, and it's sort of scary to think about what's going on inside the body O.o

      Yes me too, I love singing :D

  3. Tänk att vi har samma nyårslöfte-att umgås mer med vänner :) Jag hoppas att 2015 blir ett bättre och roligare år för oss båda =)

    1. Det är ett nyttigt nyårslöfte! Jag kan bli en riktig enstöring ibland och inte träffa vänner på flera veckor.

  4. Bra nyårslöften tycker jag. :) Mina löften ska också vara "normala", förr siktade man nog lite för högt bara för att det skulle vara så, men denna gången ska det bli kul!
    Phew, ditt hår har varit med om en del. :D Fast det är ju bara snälla färger!
    Ha en skoj Nyårsafton!

    1. Ja jag tycker om att snarare ha lite mysiga löften än såna intensiva som man blir ledsen om man inte klarar :P

      Ja, och det är ju bara toningar ^.^

      Tack detsamma!

  5. Ja hoppas att du från och med nu slipper mer värk. Vilket härligt avslutningsfoto med alla frisyrer!

  6. Anxiety is awful, sometimes it makes it hard to go out and see friends, but it is great having friends who just make you feel good! Hope this new year is much much better!

    1. Yes it really is, that's why I have a promise so hang with friends more this year, it always feels better afterwards ^^

  7. Oh, you...again, I'm so glad to hear, that you're doing better!! ^^ Aneemia is a bitch and anxiety attacks are just the biggest pain in the butt I've ever felt...but finding the right friends and socializing more helped me too. For me it was quite hard to believe, that some people would actually like to hang out with me, but apparently, I realized how much it helps with my self - esteem issues and anxiety. Anyway...somehow I'm sure, that 2015 will be much better! ^^

    1. Yeah, at least mentally ;)

      That's nice! I get that feeling..when I'm in my depressedmode I feel like the most boring person in the world to hang with.