Monday, December 8, 2014

Sponsored model

I entered this contest on facebook to become a sponsored model for next year :D
It's sooo many beautiful gothic ladies in this contest, so by looking at their likes I do realize that my chances of winning this are not that good, haha!
But if any of you would want to give me a like on their site I would really appreciate it! <3

Here is the link to follow:

Thank you! ^_^


  1. Liked your picture. I think you look lovely.

  2. Uhm, I get how you feel about not having a chance - When I was still modelling, I tried to enter a few sponsorship contests too and I always felt so worthless and unprofessional compared to all the popular models shot by well - known photographers, but frankly, I think you're one of the loveliest models, that entered and I totally agree with the comment below your entry! ;)

    1. Yeah, I guess many of the participants have their own popular facebookpages as well, with hundreds of followers.
      But as I understood there will be two winners, one with most likes and one that the jury picks, so I hope to have a chance of the second one then :D

      And thank you so much <3