Monday, January 19, 2015

A view in my home 2

2 years ago I made an entry showing you all my home :D My intensions were to do an update a year later to see some changes, but I forgot! So I think it's time now. To make it easy and funnier to watch I'll show how it looked 2 years ago AND how it looks now.
I'm starting to get really pleased with how our apartment looks :) We are renting it, so sadly we can't paint the walls in black, purple and red.
Click on pictures for larger view!

Hall 2013

Hall 2015
Kitchen 2013
Kitchen 2015

Diningroom 2013

Diningroom 2015

Bedroom 2013

Bedroom 2015

Livingroom 2013

Livingroom 2015
End of view, maybe in 2 years I'll do a new one :'D 


  1. Så fint. Jag gillar verkligen skåpet i hallen =)

    1. Tack :D
      Ja det är det perfekta skåpet att förvara svärd i! :'D

  2. Aw, I love apartment tour and before/after posts!
    It is so nice you two have a home together and are able to transform it on a reflection of yourselves. I am happy about living abroad adventures, but negative bit is you never know about tomorrow, so sometimes investing too much time on home decor looks a risk to me.
    Anyway, hope to see more of your future home updates in the future!

    1. Me too, I wish all bloggers I follow would do a apartment tour xD

      Aww, maybe one day you will feel like settle down :)

  3. It's looking really good, Lesthi! Ooooooh, is that an old pump organ?

  4. So lovely! I love the hanging candelabra, the painted wardrobe and all your collections!

  5. Det blir mysigare och mysigare :). Kul att se skillnaden. Man är ju begränsad när man hyr, vi köpte ett hus i augusti och det slår mig ibland att vi kan göra exakt vad vi vill hur och när vi vill. En otroligt skön känsla :).
    Sen begränsas man ju av ekonomin, så vi renoverar utefter vad vi har råd med.

    1. Vad kul att du tycker det ^^
      Ja verkligen, förra stället vi bodde på ägde Mattias mormor så då fick vi göra vad vi ville, det saknar jag!