Saturday, June 20, 2015

Things I have done

Things I did in May:

Took pictures with my awesome skeleton :D

Made some yummy pastries when my pregnant friend visited! 
It is fun feeding her ;)

Helped my sister put dreads in her hair :D

Took cute picture with Kira <3 She is hard to get on camera.

Went on larp and was so happy that my waistcorset arrived beforehand ^^ It was comfortable and stylish!

Played my troll character "Fluff" to introduce some children about larping. So much fun!

What I have been doing in June:

Put in some dreads! It felt awesome!

Swopped face with my sister.

Celebrated my husbands birthday with a new t-shirt for him, and a Poro cake! <3

I wish a wonderful summer to everyone! 


  1. I love all your outfits! The cake and cat are adorable!

  2. Yay, DREADS! :D
    Lol, mycket awesome t-shirt. ;) Och tårtan! Allt! <3 ;D
    Hoppas ni hade en trevlig midsommar!

    1. Ja dreeeaaads <3

      Tack så mycket :D jag jobbade hela midsommaren, men det gör inget.

  3. Dreads passar dig, men du passar i allting du gör, vackra människa :-)
    Ha en fin sommar du med!