Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Catyoga and a summercabin

Well this vacation is. Rainy. I'm not a big fan of summerheath but this is ridiculous. I at least would have wanted to visit the beach once for a bath but nope. 8 days left of vacation though so hopes are high!

Because of this weather I felt I missed something. A summercabin for example. Inside the house :D So I built one and me and my cats have been enjoying this masterpiece a lot! Mattias not so much, the thought it was too small. 

Guess you all are very curious about what catyoga is by now ;)
I have been trying to get better at yoga the last week. I'm having a hard time focusing, not only because of Luna that really likes to join me for yoga but also because my mind is a restless place.
I made a little video one day when Luna and I were doing yoga together. Look at that little cute jump in the end!

That was all for this time :)


  1. Oooh that is what we call a blanket fort here! I want one now!