Monday, July 13, 2015

Vacation time!

Today was my first day of summervacation! I haven't much planned for these 2 weeks of total freedom, besides reading my massive pile of books, workout, hanging with my sister as much as possible (sadly she is working xD) and just relaaaxe! 

I also dyed my hair last week, I really like how the purple shade turned out, never had such light purple in my hair before.

This is the wonderful view at my husbands parents. I really really miss living there every year when summer arrives! It's a dream to be this close to water. 

That bookpile :) I often get a little to crazy at the library but it's okay. I'll read them all I promise.


  1. Your hair look gorgeous and aaaaaw...I'd love to live at a place like that someday!! ^^
    Enjoy your summer holiday! ;)

    1. Thank you ^^ Yees, that would be awesome, at least a summerhouse!