Saturday, June 11, 2016


I had this fun idea for an entry, to look back on what I did, and what my life looked like in June earlier years :D

June 2015
Last year was a good June! I cut my hair short, and it was nice weather as I recall :D

June 2014
I made a nice cake for my husbands birthday and I really like my haircolour on that picture haha! But I remember that I was very stressed about my job and had lots of pain. I got my endometrios diagnose that summer. 

June 2013
I was very happy and exited, was planning a lot for our wedding that would be in december that year. I think it was a great June. 

June 2012
My sister graduated from school and I was working at a bakery, I had just graduated as well from my bakery-education. 

June 2011
I was really inspired by the 50s and 60s so most of my outfits was inspired by that. I worked at Hästens as a graphic designer and had not much time for fun stuff because of the commuting. 

June 2010
We had catbabies at home! We also went to see Rammstein. This was an awesome summer overall, lot's of fun and time for rest.

June 2009
This was a confusing time in my life. I don't think I was myself, I did some things that hurt other people I care about. Many exciting things happened though and I really enjoyed everything at that time. 

June 2008
I think this was my most gothic time ever! I put a lot of effort in to my looks and clothing, and I also found photoshop, haha! Mattias and I had a lot of fun I remember. 

June 2007
We graduated! It was a happy time even though I had a crappy job the whole summer. I felt free and was looking forward to my acting/theatreclass that would start in August.

And this is me now :D June 2016 feels like a new beginning. From now on I hope for many good things. I feel awesome and motivated! 


  1. It's always weird for me to look back at the past! You have some cool looks and I'm glad you have had good times to remember!

    1. Yes it's a little weird! Since facebook also has this "look back at memories" thing I sometimes feel ashamed over things I said and posted, haha!

  2. You're lovely, no matter the hairstyle or outfit!

  3. I like this post on your Junes. I also appreciate that you reflexed on some of the times you didn't feel so much like yourself as well as the super fun, happy times. I'm not sure of your age but wow you look so different (older or younger) with short and long hair. What a contrast :)

    1. Thank you :D I'm 27 right now, haha, soon to be 28!

  4. Great way to recollect ... indeed let's live every day so it is worth something good! I agree.
    You haven't changed over so many years by the way! But of course became prettier :)))

  5. So when exactly was the day when you stopped aging O_O°?