Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pokémon Go

Anyone of my readers playing Pokémon Go? :D
And which team are you on?  I became level 5 yesterday and chose Team Mystic!

I have had so much fun with this game already, I know that there are some haters out there but I can only see the good in this.

1. Me and my husband has something really fun that we can do together! We take walks, discuss our Pokemons and are planning for taking over the Pokémongym outside our apartment. :P

2. When I'm home alone I'm motivated to go outside instead of hanging with my computer all day. That is so good for me because if it's something I need more of it is Vitamin D :'D And it makes me feel better overall.

3. It brings people together! We actually talk to strangers in the street about the game, And everyone is so nice!

Gotta catch ém all!


  1. I do not have it but I love seeing how it makes people happy and hearing positive stories about it!

  2. Jag har inte heller Pokémon Go men det verkar grymt kul :D