Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween swap

I haven't had much blogideas lately! Does any of you have anything you would like to read about in my blog? Or maybe any questions? :D

Luckily, my package from the Halloween swap arrived, yay! And it was GREAT. Absolutely blogmaterial. For those of you not knowing about this, Misantropia arranged a swap on facebook where everyone got a person to send a halloweenrelated gift to. I got my gift from Lexi and these are the stuff in the package:

A lovely candle! I doubt I will ever burn this, haha!

This mug! Perfect for smoothies I think!

These lovely birddecorations. I haven't decided which wall to put them on yet. 

I also got some very pretty earrings with this spiderweb and spiders, sadly they were broken at arrival after the long flight:( but I made a necklace instead of one, and i intend to find something to do with the spiders as well. ^_^

And these! I love that they are easy to remove, I will also put some on my kitchenwindow.

Thank you so much Lexi for these awesome gifts!


  1. Those are all very nice things.

  2. Those are awesome!


  3. lovely things! i'm eager to be on halloween day!

  4. Lovely gifts, I love that glass mug^^

  5. Shit vilket vackert ljus!! Jag längtar extra mycket till Halloween efter detta inlägg!

  6. Oh vilka fina grejer! Ska blogga om det jag fick snart också. Du skriver alltid intressanta inlägg. ☺

  7. Så fina saker! Jag vet att hon undrade vad du skulle gilla, men hon verkar ju ha mycket bra smak :)