Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello! :D 
Today it felt like spring. So I realized it was time to show you the winterjacket I bought..last winter, haha! I totally have forgotten about that really. So this morning I took some pictures before running to the bus. 

I hate winterjackets. I always have hard time feeling comfortable in them. But this one I haven't had any problems with so far. :) It's warm and pretty! I like how it looks at the front and the back:
Sadly this picture were blurry so I took a better one as well. But maybe you still can see in the blurry one how nicely it's shaped when it on :D
 I bought it last winter on sale at couldn't find it now though. 

I had plans to start taking more outfitpictures but it seems that I mostly take these kinds of pictures nowadays, haha! 


Maybe I will be better at it when spring actually arrives, no promises though ;P

Have a lovely weekend everyone reading this!


  1. That's such a cute caot I love it.

  2. It will be easyer to take outfit pics in spring, I'm counting on that too...:D I love your coat; I love winter coats and huge knitted scarves, because they're super cosy^^

  3. That's a very cute coat - the corset lacing in back really makes it stand out! Nice score, Lesthi! :D