Thursday, March 1, 2018

Challenge day 1, About my blog

I started blogging "for real" in august 2010 at my old blog
I looked like this:

I blogged in Swedish about shopping. I wasn't very rich so I blogged about what I wanted to buy mostly, haha! The blog for me was like pinterest is today. :) The blogname I chose because Lesthi has been my internetname since 2004 when a friend suggested it for me as a female version of the vampirename Lestat. I loved it! Sometimes it feels more like my name than my real name Sabina?!
In March 2012 I started to upload mostly outfits which gave me more followers :D

So the next month I started blogging in english because I realized that most of my readers were from all over the world and not Sweden and I wanted to communicate better.
October 2012 I moved from to blogspot instead, very vice choice! 

It's been a great time here these 5 years! 
I have made friends, some of my readers I really see as friends I wish to meet irl someday. My blog have changed a lot through the years, at the start it was mostly about clothes, as I've said before I was way more gothic before than I am now so I might have lost some followers when I drifted away in style. But I have also shared a lot about personal struggles, anxiety and my endometriosis. And I'm so thankful for all the comfort and help I've gotten <3 
I hope that I still have some readers left here that want to join me for my 15 day blog journey here where I try to find my love for blogging again :D


  1. I love reading blogs along as they appeal to me I'm not bothered if their alt/ goth based. I certainly love reading yours. It's such a shame so many bloggers are; having at the moment there does seem to be some new and upcoming one everytime I search for them.

    1. Thank you! I like your blog too! But I'm so lazy with the commenting on any blogs I read, I will try to get better at this :)

  2. I think I'm a more recent follower, so I missed the transition, but in general i feel dark fashion has kind of toned down the last few years. Your english is perfect by the way--I wish I was bilingual like that!

    1. Hmm maybe, I haven't thought about it but it would be sad if dark fashion is a dying fashion because it's so pretty! I just don't feel as comfortable in the things I used to wear when I was younger.

      Thank you so much! That makes me very happy :D